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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Sayonara, Stern

chezsterno died Wednesday. We ran in the sames circle (SF Club) in HS. After college, I don't think I saw him again, or thought of him for that matter, for 2 decades or so. There was a small reunion a few years ago then I put him out of my head, again. Anyways, Stern was diagnosed with terminal cancer about a year ago. As I understand it, he came on LJ partly as a way of keeping his many well-wishers informed.

So, it was via LJ we became reacquainted. Despite his condition, he commented often enough to make the top 10 last time I ran the stats. He always had a 'different' viewpoint which, considering some of you, is saying alot. We were never intimate but I will miss his snark.

Stern on Spirituality and Snorlax


Don't worry about the story. I'd rather it be edited well than edited fast. You're doing awesome, anyway so don't sweat it. Sorry about the loss of your friend.

Thank you.

I'm sorry to hear about your friend. *hugs*

Thanks much.

Aww. You got to admire a man who can hang a spoon from his nose. And a nice guy at that.

When did the Diva spork you? Why is she still alive?

Accomplishment is for the birds.

My kids are out of school Haw, haw!

The sporking was part of this whole reviewing kerfaffle. I generously pointed out that an essay on reviews was pointless as it is impossible to leave reviews on MM. Dumas1 leaped in to say that it was because they only generate 1 spam code for the whole site at a time (huh?) and if I wanted lots of formatting in my review (i.e. paragraphs) I should send an email. Then S said I must be using IE when the site is coded for FF, blah, blah, blah.

I definitely had a response for her but it was definitely OT and I had already been rude enough for the day.

Lucky girls! DO they have jobs?

They all need to be shot.

Daughter #1 start with the Visiting nurses soon. Daughter #2 is in process.

In process for what?

Difficult to say. We just make sure she makes all the appointments and see what the commission for the disabled wrings out at the other end.

Good luck to her, and to you.

Life is difficult. I seem to do OK and then my nerve might faulter at the oddest times. Bah! I don't have to ride the rollercoasters if I don't want to.

I'm sad to hear about Chezsterno. I hadn't been keeping up with his posts lately, since I havne't checked other f-list. He was an interesting guy, yeah.

I'd noticed a drop off in his comments and had surmised his health was worsening which he confirmed when I emailed him about a month ago.

He was too interesting, or tried too hard, for me when I was younger but, yeah.

He seemed to have a soft spot for you.