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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
No EMP For Me, Please

So, I get up about 4AM this morning, thinking I'll eat breakfast and get an early start on butcheringrya_kelley's baby.

I sit with the cats on the landing a bit until an altercation seems imminent, then go down. Still dawdling I play sudoku a while before I get the kettle going.

Power failure. The whole neighborhood.

I consider getting out my lap top but my neighbors aren't going to have any more wireless than I do and it doesn't have much charge on, anyway, it so I can't even watch a DVD.

I think about getting dressed and going to Denny's.

I sit there in the dark, still playing sudoku on my PDA, the tiny screen my only light.

pilgham emerges. "It's too quiet. I can't sleep without all my white noise generators." His AC, his fan, his radio. He rustles up a flashlight and lights the stove with a match to make his coffee and my tea.

It starts to get light out and I open the drapes and can actually read.

Thr power comes back on at 8.

I have survived three and a half hours with no modern conveniences, except my PDA. Life is good.

I gotta get started on that baby.

Mood: calmcalm

Well, I volunteered. Originally I was just going to skim but I couldn't resist my thigh high boots and snake whip.

Inusaga doesn't realize what a lucky gal she is...or does she?

I think she's got mixed emotions. You would know better than I how it feels when I nitpick at your baby.

Usually pretty good that someone cares enough to try and improve the crappy parts. I'm sure she's thrilled.

I did try to get Inuyasha into a cowboy shirt.

And name a Buddhist monk Leroy.

I've accepted as many of your suggestions as I've said, "er . . . that' s okay, I'll just go with what was there." ^_^

Well, sharpen your nit pick.

Are you sending me something?

I've got half an hour to see if I can wrap this thing up and ship it to you before heading off to work.