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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
No EMP For Me, Please

So, I get up about 4AM this morning, thinking I'll eat breakfast and get an early start on butcheringrya_kelley's baby.

I sit with the cats on the landing a bit until an altercation seems imminent, then go down. Still dawdling I play sudoku a while before I get the kettle going.

Power failure. The whole neighborhood.

I consider getting out my lap top but my neighbors aren't going to have any more wireless than I do and it doesn't have much charge on, anyway, it so I can't even watch a DVD.

I think about getting dressed and going to Denny's.

I sit there in the dark, still playing sudoku on my PDA, the tiny screen my only light.

pilgham emerges. "It's too quiet. I can't sleep without all my white noise generators." His AC, his fan, his radio. He rustles up a flashlight and lights the stove with a match to make his coffee and my tea.

It starts to get light out and I open the drapes and can actually read.

Thr power comes back on at 8.

I have survived three and a half hours with no modern conveniences, except my PDA. Life is good.

I gotta get started on that baby.

Mood: calmcalm

And the samovar of dark history they just bought, could it not be cursed?

It will be if they don't wash it before making any tea.

Damn. They intend only to polish its exterior and display it on a table.

What in sam hell is the good of a samovar of dark repute if you don't serve tea from it to unwanted guests?


They probably serve instant tea, the philistines.

Did they have presweetened Nestea in the early 60's?

This is from a PDF on the history of Nestle:

The Brazilian Coffee Institute first approached Louis Dapples in 1930, seeking new products to reduce Brazil's large coffee surplus. Eight years of research produced a soluble powder that revolutionized coffee-drinking habits worldwide. Nescafé became an instant success and was followed in the early 1940s by Nestea.

So, yes.

And the turkish pastry these people heaver on about so is really bisquick wrapped around a filling of peanut butter and jelly, baked and then soaked in a mix of cream and honey. The honey comes from one of those plastic teddy bears. And the message implicit in squeezing honey out of the top of a teddy bear's head I will not even venture into.


Naughty LJ never sent me this comment!

Why does honey come from bears? And how does Stephen feel about that?