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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Life on Mars with Dragons

The other night, pilgham and I saw an ad for new show called Life on Mars. "I want to see that", he said. Unfortunately, it was on BBC America whcih we don't get. Thhe upside of that is it's not new and I was able to get all 8 episodes via bit torrent. It's about a modern cop who is hit by a car and wakes up in 1973, still a cop.On the one hand, he knows he's in the wrong place. On the other hand,he is a cop through and through and there is work to be done though he is continually suffering culture shock.

I read a book over the weekend. I actually read until 1:30AM Sunday and I haven't done that since I started needing glasses to read. (it's Hell finding a a comfortable position with the glasses!). The book I read is called His Majesty's Dragon. It's the Napoleonic War with dragons. Our hero is a British naval captain who accidentally bonds with a dragon. As a result he is transferred to the mysterious and disreputable Aviator Corps. This gives the author the excuse for a tour. I will say, that all bad eggs were transparent but the detail makes the story. Amazon is shipping me V 2, as I type.


Sounds like Eragon for Adults.... funny how bad!fic becomes fun in the right hands...

the BBC bit sounds funny

Well, Temeraire does turn out to be super-speshul, of course, but both he and Laurence are content to be cogs in the battle against Napoleon.

I shouldn't write these posts right before going to bed.

LOM is funny and sad. The protagonist thinks he hears occasional snatches of sounds from the ICU he believes himself to actually be in and he hasn't made any secret to his co-workers that he believes himself to be in the wrong place so they all think he is looney tunes especially when he comes out with his crazy ideas like taping interviews instead of writing them down. In the ep we watched last night, the corpse was in a factory and our hero is blathering on about how this was where he was going to live and the corpse was under his dining table.

he hasn't made any secret to his co-workers that he believes himself to be in the wrong place so they all think he is looney tunes

sounds like something i could relate to....

Wow, you are on a spin. Dragons would change things a tad, yes.

England still has the sea advantage but Napoleon has more dragons, not that either side has vasty quantities, just enough that they have to be taken into consideration.

Um, Napoleon riding a dragon? Still, sounds like a fun little read. Makes me feel extra special that you took time away from reading-obsession to LJ a bit this weekend.

Napoleon doesn't rde a dragon. That would be silly. He has flunkies for that!

But he's missing out on the fun.

Okay, I'm ready when you are.

Email is on my info page.

Awesome. On it's way.

When a book is recced by two people whose opinion I value, I'm definitely looking into it! Red-head chimes in with his thanks, as well.

That show sounds right hilarious.