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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Monkey See, Monkey Do -- Take Fortyleven

Top Commenters on ouatic_7's LiveJournal
(Self comments excluded from rankings)

1nokomarie577 577
2nelson_bannaba528 528
3alterfano124 124
4pilgham87 87
5black_lavender83 83
6soutassister82 82
7fenikkusuken71 71
8chezsterno71 71
9parsnip_chan48 48
10boiler146 46
11bibliofile44 44
12rya_kelley38 38
13paynesgrey33 33
14alf_b26 26
15Anonymous17 17
16kroki_refur15 15
17somnambulicious14 14
18karenb213 13
19foamyfan1501010 10
20evil_and_boo7 7
21manonlechat6 6
22l_poetica6 6
23some_mensch4 4
24cyperian3 3
25frostythekitten3 3
26aoi_tsuki13 3
27chaoswind3 3
28inu_yukai2 2
29buyo1052 2
30whobunkyboo2 2
31vanja_y2 2
32bogwitch1 1
33kuririnlover791 1
34gwen1101 1
35drago_mi_je1 1
36darkwing8301 1
37calliope071 1
38hanyou_yoake1 1

Total Commenters: 39 (1 not shown)
Total Comments: 3012

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I played with the toy and the one not shown happens to be me.

Guess I can't smack pilgham around for only being #4, seeing as he comments in RL as well. However evil_and_boo are due for a Come-To-Jesus.


I was expecting to be lower.

Clearly, you are whipped.

I talk too much here, too.

It's only too much if I say so and I don't. So there.

Woot! I'm in the top ten ;p 'Tis a good day.

Woot! I'm in the top ten


I think the one not shown is you.

Hmmm...Do you think the one not shown is me?

Hey, #12. That sounds about right. I don't comment anywhere very often, but you're in the top ranking. Now I'm curious.

OMG! I beat pilgham?????????????

i'm honored to be #3...and have no real aspiriations to try to beat out NB or noko...they kindof have their own little world in here, don't they?

It's an even greater 'honor' when you consider how much longer he's known me.

ANd when you consider we have only been friends since like April you are definitely a comer.

I see we're all over you like a wet napkin. Noko is in the basement this time. And where's Plgham?

Commenting on you all while your nacks are turned and our PCs are off.


Top Commenters on nokomarie's LiveJournal
(Self comments excluded from rankings)

1nelson_bannaba503 503
2ouatic_7327 327
3black_lavender125 125
4alterfano119 119
5nice_henry106 106
6wheezambu93 93
7fenikkusuken75 75
8silverontherose27 27
9pilgham26 26
10wlfhund22 22
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Re: Report

Top Commenters on ouatic_7's LiveJournal
(Self comments excluded from rankings)

1nokomarie593 593
2nelson_bannaba538 538
3alterfano133 133
4pilgham88 88
5black_lavender83 83
6soutassister82 82
7fenikkusuken72 72
8chezsterno71 71
9parsnip_chan50 50
10boiler146 46
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It's weird that Sterno's commented so much more than I have. He's hardly ever on LJ, too. How'd that happen?!

It surprised me, too, butI guess I make posts that call for him to go out and google up a witty riposte, to which I naturally respond...

I really don't know.