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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Dos Tapas Desnudos

ffutures was pimping this and it had to be shared: Dalek Porn!!!!! <--- NWS

And for those of you, you know who you are, obsessed with smut there's a new multi-fandom community I've seen pimped around that might be of interest: 50_smutlets

Mood: uncomfortableEwwww!

You're talking about alterfano, aren't you?

*off to check out dalek porn*


i'm resembling</i> offended at that remark....

that dalek stuff was truly weird. and like most of the other 70's porn....well, most porn actually...not very arousing....oh well.

btw: on the 50_smutlet thing, there was entirely too much harry/ron pimping. *shudders*...however, i did find someone with this icon and thought it was too hilarious

god,i am such an html weiner...this is why i'm in marketing.....you get the idea...

Mmmm... Smut. I haven't read any of that in a while. Thanks for the pimp ^_~

Hmmm, now I know something new about you!

Uh-oh. There goes my image.

I'm intrigued by the promise of a Rose/Dalek pairing. First, she bonded/shared DNA with a dalek and later she found herself surrounded by hordes of the screeching creatures. There's something there, I tell you.

If you looked at the comments there was a link to a Rose/Dalek dom/sub story which was technically not porn but pretty amusing.

I'll have a look, missed that.

How can you have a dom/sub Dalek without porniness?

Dimensionally-crossed love story.

I never thought of Daleks in quite that light before.

Me neither and I have to say, I still haven't.

I'm sure I recognize the girl.

Who, moi? Smut? Surely you jest!

That Buffy/Spike snogfest on the beach was pretty damn good...uh, not that I read it very carefully, or went back for another go...honest!

No, never, not you. I was thinking of someone else entirely. [/lie]