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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
I am a Bad Daughter

Yesterday was my Dad's birthday and I meant to do a post about him. Sorry Daddy, I'm doing it today.

My father was born July 19, 1924 in Ponca City Oklahoma so he would have been 82 yesterday.

He dropped out of school at 16 to join the army. He always said he was running away from home to escape his evil step-mother but in a jocular way so I was never sure what the story was. That was 1940. He retired in 1963 as a major. During that time he did pick up a high school diploma and college credits from all over the country.

If you asked him he would have said he was conservative but that was only fiscally. He started reading science fiction as a kid. I don't know if his interest in technology was a cause or an effect of that but he was always an early adopter. My parents were the first ones on their block to have a television, for instance, when all that was on was Flash Gordon serials. I was encouraged to be whatever my little heart desired and my efforts could attain.

The army had a program to train programmers which Daddy put in for. His boss said, "You're too old and too senior," but signed off. The next guy up said the same thing and so on. Lo, Dad made it in to the program which was at MSOE in Milwaukee. Well, he'd already received a transfer to Tokyo where my mnother and brothers would have joined him so he had to call my mother from Korea. This put my aunt in a tizzy, sure that something horrible had happened. Anyways, my folks conferred and agreed on Milwaukee instead of Tokyo and that is why I don't speak Japanese!

Daddy always made a point of spending time with us kids. When we were still in California, if he had to go to the office on Saturday, he'd take me with and I'd amuse myself with the adding machine. After we'd go to the science museum or the natural history museum and the La Brea Tar Pits. When I was older, we played cards and when I had a day off from school I'd go downtown and have lunch with him.

Here are three of my Dad's sayings that I use today:

  • No matter how thin you slice it, it's still your finger.

OK, one saying I use today and a couple of things which should have warped my psyche:

  • You (my two brothers and I) are three methods of birth control that failed.

  • Wouldn't take a million for one of them; wouldn't give a nickel for another. (about my brothers and I again)

Daddy, Alaska, 1950, clearly posing.

Daddy, Granpa and the plane they flew (were flown in) over the Arctic Circle. Probably about 1950.

Lagniappe! Me, cute as a bug, Texas circa 1962.

I am very touched that some of you all were concerned about my absence. Nothing dramatic, I just had a horrible cold, which I am still recovering from, and it sapped my energy to be social.

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no. you're a good daughter, because you did this at all. pics aren't showing up, BTW. sorry you're not feeling well. get better!

my mom's from OK too....bummer.

They're showing now and pretty cool. What's wrong with OK.

Forget I asked that.

Why is it a bummer your mother's from OK?

Can you see the pics yet? I haven't done anything, just hoping the good computer fairy waves her magic wand!

Wow, your dear old dad looks very debonair in those pictures! What's the story behind the arctic circle? And the 'bucket of ouatic' was sooo cute. Those surely scanned well, didn't they?

I loved that first saying (about the finger).

Hated to pester you, so I'm glad to hear it wasn't unwelcome.

"bucket"? That's gilding the something other than a lily! I always think of it as a trash can.

I did massage the pics a teeny bit but, yeah, they look good.

Oh, and I know nothing about the trip over the Arctic Circle. I just read the notes off the back of the picture.

But, I imagine they just wanted to see it.

I forgot to mention that my Dad died in Alaska; the plane he and his buddy were flying home in, I imagine it looked a lot like that one, went down killing all passengers. Fortunately, Daddy and Big Jim had missed the flight and taken the train home otherwise I wouldn't be here today in all my snivelly glory.

Aww, little Ouatic having been attacked by the scissors queen! I'd recognize those bangs anywhere.

Your dad sure sounds determined. Pity about Japan though.

Yeah, my mother never learned that you cut below where you are holding, not above. Yours?

Same. I solved it on my kids by pulling the sections of bang straight down and then using the bridge of the nose as a rest for the scissors. Up pops the dried bangs to not higher than eyebrow level.

nice pictures and nice tribute to your father.

as for your cold, i have a great remedy for that.of course it involves drinking lots of vodka and then being forced to have a steam hose shoved up ones nose, but hey, it works...i think.

Sounds to me you may not remember much past an experience like that.

The steams hose sounds really good but I fear it is only a temporary measure.

Lovely tribute to your father, and thoroughly enjoyed the pics. Pity you're not from Nantucket; could come up with a somewhat clean rhyme involving bucket...

Hope you're feeling better...Summer is no decent time to catch a cold!

And it's the 2nd really bad one I've had this year. I'm running low on sick time!

Hmm...have you checked into latent allergies or asthma as a trigger?