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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
O-7, MD and a Little Evil

279K 1:25
(no transcription available)

Also, here's a link MD sent me that was very amusing:

Penny Arcade: Mr. Period Returns


i don't know if this is good or bad, but MJ sounds just like her mom.....

Maybe I was faking you out by playing both roles?

My MIL has to ask which of us she is speaking to.

yeah. my oldest son and i are still confused by everyone...for another month or two. his voice is starting to crack...

That must bite; at least MD and I are the same gender. I especially feel for your boy. Could there be anything more humiliating for a teenage boy than to be mistaken for his mother?

Painful, that.

I swear, I was having a lot of trouble telling the two of you apart near the end there. It was uncanny! And I don't think it's simply the regional accent either.

MD sounds like quite a gal. Very personable. You two should do phone posts more often together.

I almost forgot. Evil's voice was very different either yours or MD's. Couldn't quite catch that accent...is she french?

She's got dat Chicago accent dat MD and I don't.

Dat crazy cat.

I was insulted by your cat!

She's a cat. She insults everyone. Especially Boo.

At least I was spared the breath.

The burble noise was Evil?

Near the end, MD asks Evil to say something and there is a little static-y sort of noise. That is Evil. If one speaks to her, she almost always will talk back.

Now I am tempted to put Baby on voice post. She would be ever so unappreciative.

*taps foot impatiently*

What? Can't you see I'm on the phone!

Umph. *rushes off to check*

Where's that rambling phone post.