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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Faith and the Grindstone

Disclaimer: Inuyasha is the property of the copyright holders, not me.

Summary: What Mrs. Higurashi really thinks about the shard hunt.


By Ouatic-7

“Mama, I’ll be back for my test Monday,” her beautiful daughter called back as she, her enormous back pack and an even more enormous bento were hauled to the well by the grumpy dog boy.

Once the well flashed blue, she was able to relax her smile. She had become quite good at presenting a happy face.

“There is no word in the scrolls about the fate of the mysterious miko. How can you let her go?” Jii-chan asked once more.

Again, she answered, “How can I not? She has the world to save and Inuyasha will always protect her.”

Went back to work yesterday, even if I called in sick today. Only had 238 emails to catch up on.

The cool thing is we're starting a new project; my team has been assigned to Global Engineering. I came in and there was a T-shirt on my desk. It says "Think globally, code locally" on it in English and Chinese. I don't know what that means but I like the shirt.

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Awwww...such a cute drabble!

Thanks much!

i like this. very motherly.....

and i often am intrigued by what "the scrolls say" about their little fairytale.....

Yeahm you gotta wonder just how much Mama knows about this whole operation or is she just a really bad mother?

i like ipoe's version of her being one of the masterminds.....

I agree with Quirky it's very sweet. I always enjoy reading what the characters on the 'outside' are thinking/feeling, especially when it fits.

You should wear your shirt with pride - people will be wondering the same thing as you are. Pretend you know.

THank you!

I am looking forward to wearing the shirt. It's be better if it was Japanese though.

Written by a mother letting the birds out of the nest.

Much as I love her, looking forward to the day she's gone.

I guess I'm not, really. We live in a very traditional family set-up and people leave or don't leave as they are ready. It's been that way for uh... 'lo, these many years', and that's just the way it is. Who's to fight against centuries of use?

The girls have to spread out on their own, of course. But they're never outside of the family.

It's very difficult to explain.

Jeez! Just because I'm looking forward to having MD move out doesn't mean I am breaking her plate!

Besides, I've years to go. By the time it actually rolls around I may be thinking different.

See? There is no such concept as 'braking a plate'.

Doesn't happen.

Very nice drabble! Thanks!

That means a lot!

Are you going to post it to ff.net?

I hadn't planned on it.

Maybe if I do more.

I highly encourage you to open a drabble repository and start your collection. This little insight into Mrs. H's thoughts makes me want to read more of your takes on other characters and situations!