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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
POTC2: Tentacles Ahoy!

MD and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest this morning. It needed more Chow Yun-Fat. Other than that, and the cliffhanger, I have no complaints. I got plenty of action, plenty of humor, plenty of Johnny Depp and Orly. Plus a bonus of Davy Jones playing the organ with his tentacles.

The glass eyed pirate and his buddy were brought back. They, again, have some of the best moments.

I just realized I posted a meme before vacation that I gotta get cracking on... Maybe after my nap.

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Are you back? that's news to me - did I miss that post? I am behind but still.

Well, off to chuck-e-cheez.

Well, off to chuck-e-cheez.

My heart bleeds for you.

We got back Wednesday evening. I haven't posted about it; what is there to say?

I am peeved however. The UK is covered in ads for Fearless which opened there the Friday after we arrived. I didn't get a chance to see it and it doesn't open here until August!

I'm looking forward to seeing Pirates tomorrow night. I covered my eyes during your spoilers.

I fear for my life, but off I go.

How come nobody ever takes me to the e'ffing movies?

I take myself. I'd a brung you too if I knew you wanted to come but I thought we had a bit too much togetherness over the past couplke of weeks...

Kids gone. On my own. Off to do it with spouse, "Wheee!"


You should have left it at that, so we wouldn't all have to be disappointed.

can't remember the last time i was "taken"...usually, "everyone goes"...do you still get dates?

Not today. POCII sold out across the Cape.

She gets them from Trader Joes.

welcome back!

Thankee. It is good to be back with my needy cat and my worn soft linens that don't have Hell starched into them.

and those crappy towels...

PotC II made me horny. Saw it last night. Sorry, I'm way behind on flist and trying to catch up.