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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Monkey See; Monkey Do

watch ouatic_7 fight

I finally am able to get on and create a card and fighting is disabled. Dang, now I won't be able to get my butt kicked!


There. Ho, ho, you win wasily.

Mama? Who is my daddy?

(To get joke, look at my lj and see who is listed as my parent)

If only I knew, son. Mama, was a rolling stone.

oh great...mama was overcomed by Temptations. She was so busy listening to Edwin Starr's War

How dare them not allow you to whiddle away your time clicking 'play again' - how dare they!

Schmucks! And I got downgraded on speed because I didn't make my card immediately; even though I tried!

Oh well, It's letting me 'play' now.

Kick some butt! You need to work off any trip-related agression unsuspecting cards.

so far you have gotten your butt kicked 23 times and counting. maybe if that darn boy of yours was not so honest he could help you. Oh wait...that is me.

26 times but who is counting?

It's OK, Son, I'm sure your Father woul hav wanted you to stand around on the sidelines and not help your poor old mother.

i got your back mom. *distracted* hey lookie...it's elvis...ooops...mom, you got your butt kicked again.