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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
I Do Not Like Thee, Aberdeenshire; Why It Is I Know Full

We made a pit top in Banff (Scotland not Canada, clearly) yesterday. I gassed the car but the real need was for people. The gas station had no toilets. We were sent into town. Fortunately, our route took us righ by the public WC. Unfortunately, they wanted 20p a head and MD and I between us had only a single 20p coin. on't tell anyone but I MD and I both made use of the facilities on that one coin.

Back at the car I see that not only ws it a pay toilet it was pay parking for the pay toilet. I think we got out with none the wiser though.

Drive, drive, drive...

We arrive at the Hilton. It appears to be in the suburbs but they harge us for parking! I can understand in the city but really! The desk staff did not impress me in any good way, either, for instance, giving me a ground floor room and telling me it was on the first floor.

Mood: crankyNot liking Aberdeenshire

The paid parking for the paid toilet was a terrific idea. If they were really clever, they would have had little soap and TP dispensers. Paper towels can be expensive as well.

Do you think MD's scarred for life?

Yes but that happened at dinner the night before.

MD: Do you think any of my ancestors painted their faces and ran naked and screaming

O-7: Well, I know your mother has.

MD: *buries face in hands as if hands contain bleach*

hahahhaha! You and your wild college days!

(or was that during the last out of town work convention?)

She did, too!

... a new kind of money problem. other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?

Hey! You're on vacation too? Is LJ all you women ever think about!!! Kidding. I think I owe you a review...

hee. i fired up the laptop and found out that *somebody* around here has unsecured wifi...so i figured..why the hell not?

i'm pretty tired tho.

you don't "owe" me anything...

We are dropping the car today and I will be glad to get rid of it. But on the whole we are all having a good time and yet will be fully ready to go home next Wednesday.

yes, home is always nicer after you've been living out of a suitcase for a while. keep the reports coming. it's fun to live vicariously. i'm at the beach this weekend and it is blissfully Boring!

Trust me, who'se to notice kitty piddle?

And here we discover the Scottish reputation is no joke. I piddled in the car.


Good thing it's a rental.

You could have used the men's; the machine was broken so the door was wedged open.


Protocol: One man or two girls must stand guard outside.

I do not like thee,

Aberdeen shire.

It is how thee dost pull my wire.

There's not one song to be sung by choir.

I do not like thee,

Aberdeen shire.

truly inspiring.