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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
V+4, V+5, V+6: The Pics (Oodles!!!)

Roman goddess?

The pump from which you take the waters.

The Baby Eating Bishop of Bath and Wells?

I wonder how much it costs to not have your stone under a pew?

pilgham in his natural habitat.

The crowds at Stone Henge. They had 17000 at dawn last Wednesday, according to our guide.


Buing tickets.

The car park

The car park

Buying tickets.

Stile en route

The crowds at Arbor Low.

No busy bodies came round a Arbor Low to put the stones back up.

That's the fort up there...

What the heck is that little gate for?

The wall stretching off from the north edge of the fort.

MD: Can I touch the wall?

O-7: Didn't I see you walking on it?

The 'ingenious' latrines

Someone was seriously counting sheep! pilgham has a recording of this one.

Traditional border picture. pilgham isin Scotland and MD is in England.


Himself says that he loves the pictures and that he favors the Roman fort.

If you enjoy walking around ruins in a mizzle it was lovely.

I think we all had an excellent time.

Brigid says

Start Moogle---> "No, wait. A rock? The border? Is that all? Oh, well... Good for the daughter staying in England." <--- End Moogle

Re: Brigid says


Oh my God, you went to Arbor Low? That's right near where I grew up! I didn't know you were going to be visiting my beloved homeland (Derbyshire is so much more my homeland than the UK). I hope you had a great time there. The pictures make me homesick... (and the little gate is for sheepdogs).

(and the little gate is for sheepdogs).

Pilgham: How do they open it with those paws?

Oh look what I've missed!

Hmph. You weren't posting this much when I was around. Well, I'll forgive you since I know that internet must be spotty. These pictures were great. I'm canceling that trip to Britain now since I feel I've seen all there is to see. You should have petted those sheet, or graffiti-ed them. Did the water taste/smell like eggs? Was it slightly radioactive? They say it's very 'cleansing'. I particular liked the border picture - that'll be a favorite to look back on.

The water wasn't that bad but as pilgham mentions, it's served warm. It's nothing you would want to drink in large quantities but not instantly sick making.

You have to go to the UK so I can see stuff that is less than a thousand years old!

I'll trade places with ya, this very night.

Let's see... day on train, 1st class, vs birthday party with 20 toddlers...

I will take the train, thanks.

*chants* Um-aaaah, um-aaaah. Just close your eyes and relax. It'll be over soon and you can start the party favors.