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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Special Post: Friday Dinner

We went to an Indian restaurant on Pulteney Street, sort of, this evening. We crossed over the bridge and there were two, side by side. We chose the left and descended a level. There were the bathrooms. We thought "Have we gone too far?" but there was a sign "Restaurant downstairs". So we kept going.

Down another level there was a bar and 3 tables. We were seated. pilgham and I were both thinkin, "How do they keep going with just 3 tables?"

They took our drink and meal order. Then we were told, "Your table is ready," and lead to another room with low vaulted ceilings. It was very atmospheric.

The food was good too.


Wow, neat! Even dining out is an adventure when travelling. I love Indian food.

This was really good too. We ordered much too much.

It's an evil scheme. We sit at a tiny table to order, then they lead us to the massive pit we've dug ourselves. Then they throw us in, let us suffer, and offer us desert. The orange sorbee was apparently very nice, I didn't have any.

The Indian food is one of my favorite things about London! ('Cuz Lord knows the native cooking ain't all that grand!) ;D

Keep having fun!

*just realized I was commenting about London when you're most likely still in Bath* Silly Manon. ;)

hey! at least you still got to see the GOOD stuff (a la the loo)....and knew where to run!

Spicy Lhassi is good stuff.