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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
V+3: Bath (Pics)

We took the train from Paddington Station to Bath yesterday. I have to say that Bath, at least the old part of it which is all I have seen, is the prettiest town I've ever seen.

We wandered around a bit and found the area around the baths and the Abbey is full of quaint shops selling fudge, Burger King, the Tie Rack, and, of course, The Disney Store. MD said it reminded her of the shopping arcade atached to Caesar's Palace. We also took a tour of the local Avon which was very nice.

Noko had given MD a yen for stuffed potatoes so we dined at a local purveyor. I assayed the nachos. I have had worse but I think I would have preferred the falafel baguette MD saw advertised elsewhere. Mmmm carbs.

pilgham and I spent the evening on a Bath pub crawl/tour which mostly involved no longer extant pubs but was pretty interesting. Upshot of that was it was my first night since arriving I stayed up past 8 and the first one where I wasn't lying awake at midnight. That was because I didn't turn out the light until midnight.

View from our hotel room window:

Our hotel, The Best Western Bath Abbey, built circa 1740. It's so old we have an actual metal key.

Pulteney Street Bridge (on the right):

The reverse side of the Pulteney Street Bridge:

MD at the center of a pavement maze (circa 1980's) in a little park next to the river. The toddlers weren't doing it right!

That curved arch is the sole remaining city gate.

Interesting pub sign:


ooo. very pretty pics. i havne't been to Bath in so long, i hardly remember it. the river looks lovely, as does the pub hopping. i don't remember the bridge at all. is it like the Ponte Vechio where you can go shopping on the inside?

the scaffolding outside your window is very picturesque.....

on a metal-key related note: my younger son recently ransacked his older brother's bedrooom, which caused said older bro to go out an buy a dead bolt. pappa and i said "no" and so we had to see if we could get the lock on his door to work. we have the original glass door knobs on every door in the house - circa 1938 and an old key ring we thought was just for show with those old metal keys like Frau Bluecher carries on her belt. We brushed off the rust and voila! they worked! they really made stuff well back then.....

keep posting the pics - it's like a virtual tour (but much cheaper)

I don't think our keys are quite that old. They have the typical plastic motel tags on them.

Yes, there's shopping on the bridge,very narrow stores.

i had a new hotel key type in Seattle this week. a metal key (looks like my house key) except tha instead of teeth, it had little stripes, which were magnetic and could be easily wiped and reencoded). was kinda classy....

Great pics - I especially liked the one of the lovely bridge. Did you cross it on foot?

MD looked as if she were working hard on that maze. Did she attend the pub crawl with you guys?

We've crossed it on foot, by van, and gone under by boat and foot.

MD stayed at the hotel with the intent to surf but didn't realize the wireless was disabled.

Now if you can only fly over the bridge somehow... I'll be the boat trip was nice.

Poor MD. Ah, the internet addicted family.

::Quivers in near exhaustion:: These busses are too damned high for a short-legged Gremlin kitten!

The trip over the river Avon was rather nice but I kept to my strict itinerary of Austen-concentrated Bath. That meant I spent a lot more time leaping busses and scuttling between ankles to see the sights.

I respectfully disagree about the prettienes of the town as Sandwich Center on Cape Cod really is much prettier. But that doesn't mean I didn't have a blast.

I managed the pump rooms and dropped the family off at the gardens after seeing Sydney Place. I gave a miss to the Abby in order to see Milsom street where there is rather a lot of shopping. Which I ignored in favor of a fish and chips shop. Breakfast was a pair of four-minute eggs so that I am now streaked with grease and egg yoke. A visit to the Roman baths is now in order and I am glad closing times do not apply to such as I.

The highlight of the day; a stop in the upper rooms to view the concert hall mentioned so prominently in 'Persuasion' and a delightful scuttle through the Costume Museum. The dresses were lovely, why did we ever give them up?

(addendum) Less sticky but now rather sulfurous made way back to room after the Abby bar closed. Tootsies sore and head rather dizzy from 'Old Speckled Hen'. No matter, shall rest tomorrow. Convenient how these people actually do things like go to bed. Shall sport some extra yen to MD as won a game of darts.

(we gave up dresses cuz they're a pain)

Be careful in those baths, cats can't swim, silly.

Who says?

You're still alive? Proved me wrong.

That explains the fresher looking graffiti on some of the roman paving.

It is a long and noble tradition.

Side note. Isambard Kingdom Brunel. The man who destroyed and created Bath. He created a railway so straight and smooth that the trip to Bath was 4 hours by train instead of 3 days by canal or 2 days by coach. Bath was not just for the idle rich, now anybody could visit. Canal cargo was not amused and the coach companies went out of business, taking a huge number of coaching inns with them.

All those closed puds.

The coaching inns closed and turned into puds. -er- pubs.

Re-incarnated posting inns turning into pubs and then closing in their turn to be included on the pub crawl as a reminder of things past during the current push for popularity==puds. Yes. Present urban pub duds.

Wanna buy a bridge?