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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
V+1: Airplane, Arrival and Assyrians

I actually slept about 5 hours on the plane so that was good.

The only bad part about Heathrow was we apparently landed at Gatwick and they made us walk to Heathrow for passport control and customs. The passport lady was, for some reason, hesitant to speculate that MD and I were mother and daughter.

Re the luggage, pilgham says the TSA thoroughly tossed his, probably because he had a bunch of brand new shirts with the tags still on them in there. I know my bag was opened because I was down a lock but I didn't notice anything out of place.

At Paddington Station there were a bunch of people in blue shirts accosting travelers. They were pushing water conservation. It's true I haven't met a low-flow toilet since I have been here.

Too early to check in so abandoned our bags at the hotel and went to the British Museum to see the Assysrians. Highlight 1:

O-7 to MD: Did you see the Rosetta Stone?

Pilgham: How could she? We just walked from here to here. *Points at large display map and area of cafes and store* 

O-7: *turns Pilgham's head to look behind him about 5 feet away.*

O-7 and MD: *laugh wildly*

Pilgham: Well, of couse I couldn't see it there are people in front of it.

The other highlight wasAshurbanipal's sig. He was a king of the Assyrians and every relief in his palace at Nineveh had the same boilerplate on it. I can't find it online but it was 4 long paragraphs about how he subjugated the whole world and the whole world bowed down to him. I have decided to develp my own along the lines of:

Ouatic-7, Queen of Copy and Paste; Sovereign over the HTML and Ruler of the Java and the Cobol; She directed the code and the code obeyed; Lesser Rulers of Java bowed down to her....

I don't know if I'll will be able to stomach 4 paragraphs.

No pictures, the battery was dead and I didn't want to root around in my suitcase for a new one. I will try to do better today.

Current Location: The Academy, Bloomsbury

Those crazy Assyrians.

The water? Explanation over in peake's journal.

Did you check out the reading room? That's my favourite bit of the BM, I reckon. Though the Assyrians are cool. And the Sutton Hoo stuff, of course. And the Franks Casket! I never go to the BM without saying hello to the Franks Casket.

Welcome to my country, love. Hope you have a great time. What's the rest of your itinerary?

BM just sounds and looks Wrong.

Seems a bit sad to put all these ancient treasures behind glass in a museum. I mean, I like love musems and all but it does seem a bit of a shame. Things taken out of context and thus understood wrong.

Sorry, just a bit tired. The cheese in this country tastes like plastic and MD has stepped on me twice!

So are you and ouatic_7 there together? It's too hot here and I'm getting pretty confused...

As for the cheese, you can get all sorts of different kinds in bigger supermarkets, and it doesn't all taste like plastic. Some of it is French!

As for the BM, is it the abbreviation that looks wrong? Out of context is true, but at least the BM has it's exhibits in more or less sensible theme groups. The national museum of Scotland had a room that's more or less a meaningless jumble *ahem* introduction. It's very confusing.

Oh! Very confusing.


All I will say for now is that, in America, BM means Bowel Movement. You see, not the respected museum at all.

Someone really is moving out of London towards points north.

But some of the cheese does taste like plastic. You know it does. 'fess up.

Hey, no arguments here. Although I've actually always had a bizarre soft spot for the plastic cheese...

Better than American, I suppose, which screams of salt.

London (Bloomsbury)

Don't spose you'll be in Edinburgh around the 30th? Cos I'll be there then... Also, am jealous of your Orkney-tasticness.

Huh. I don't think so...No.

Now that is a pity. What a wonderful thing it would be to be shown around your homeland by someone such as yourself. You truly love the place (I can see that in every line) and it would be the very best sort of introduction.

Unfortunately we're in Edinburgh This coming Sunday and Monday nights. I wanted to stay longer but pilgham made me give him a night for Orkney.

Then his Dad says Edinburgh is a wonderful place to visit...

Too bad. It would be cool to at least do dinner.

*bows, is subjagated*

I'll be hoping to see pictures soon. Plgham's excuse reminded me of my own spouse. Glad to see you're all having a good time. :)