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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
New Year, New Students

My latest opus. My first, and probably only, HP fanfic. Spent the morning reading HP crossovers with Naruto and Full Metal Alchemist and it made me think about how many times certain crossover combinations occur. I did pull the numbers out of my ass rather than doing actual research and, sadly, Paul and Mary had to supply the actual punchline.

New Year, New Students

By Ouatic-7 (FF.net)

AKA Okaasan-7 (MM.org)

"Albus, there seems to be a clerical error. Several, in fact," Professor McGonagall said as she bustled in with three parchments.

"What do you have there, Minerva?"

"It's the list of sixth year students. There seem to be an excessive number of transfer students from Japan. However, the same names show up many times. For example, a person by the name of Shuichi Minamino appears on the list 10,211 times." McGonagall gestured with another scroll. "Strangely, he is also listed as the new DADA teacher 623 times. Here's another, Hiei Jaganshi. He's listed 8,927 times as a student and 398 times as the DADA professor. Those are the most extreme cases. Even if I eliminate all the duplicates, we will still need room for more than 200 new students."

"Just put them in the facilities we had to add for the American transfer students. Bloody Americans never sleep in their own beds anyway," muttered the Headmaster under his breath.

Producing the final scroll, McGonagall said, "Now, about Voldemort's bastard children…"

AN: Invaluable assistance was provided by variation-seven and Otousan-7.

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