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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Voice Post:: Inebriated?

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“<lj user="ouatic_7">: We had a few problems navigating the phone system, so we sent this test post. <lj user="pilgham"> and I are sitting outside the College Arms Free House in Bloomsbury--you can here it there--where they're going to show the Sweden vs. England game at 8:00. I probably won't last that long, because we just got here today.

Let me put <lj user="pilgham"> on to say a few words.

<lj user="pilgham">: Aw, just one word: Tadaima. [Hoot of laughter in background.]

<lj user="ouatic_7">: Post later. Bye.”

Transcribed by: multiple users


what'd he say?

Tadimasu = Here I am.

ah....thx. and when do you leave?

He didn't say. But, according to their itinerary, tomorrow. Which is good, as I can't get the zipper open.

very good. sounds like you are having a nice time.

BTW, being a dirty middle age fat man, Go Sweden.
that way we can see more of the fans...hint hint

Whoops! No HTML allowed in transcriptions.

God job, though, except on the Japanese. Thanks much.

Actually, not quite Godlike, "good".

Damn Demon Hand.

yer welcome

Depends on the God, doesn't it? Not all of 'em are Judeo-Xian, you know. (If Jehovah's the only god, then why is he jealous?)

::Laughs wildly:

A voice post from across the Atlantic, what fun! I'm glad you guys made it safe and sound and sound like you're having a great time. *envies* Tadima?

"Tadaima" -- I'm home.

You've bought a flat in Bloomsbury?!

Umm no. I think he meant, not sure thought, that the English pub is his home.

Or Tadaima can mean "I'm back" which would be easier to parse. It's what you say when you get home from work.