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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Voice Post: Test

20K 0:06
“This is a test. This is only a test.”

Transcribed by: ouatic_7

Nothing witty here; just trying out the system.


a test, but it worked!

you gonna be leavin' little messages in your wake?

Only if I feel driven to speech. Just wanted the option.

not a bad idea......we'll look forward to whatever drivel</i> snippets you feel compelled to share from the road.......have fun!

i hate html and sucking so entirely at it

Huh. Why do all these fellow Americans I speak to have these American accents?

Oh, damn! I think we left you in the basement!

::Cries and doodles in the corner.::

It worked for me, but only after I clicked on the highlighted 'voice post' text. (my laptop usually gives me a problem with voice posts)

What? You didn't trust my transcription? Or did you just want to hear my dulcet tones?

Of course, dear one. I was dying to hear your voice this morning.

And here I was expecting you to ramble on about how this is your first voice post, that you have nothing to say and are just rambling on and on about nothing for the sake of doing so, that this is just a test, along with more rambling and rambling and rambling blah blah blah...


But then I would have had to thik up all that! I was just testing the concept. The stupid thing is there are no phone numbners in Illinois so I'm calling Lowell, MA. There is a method to my madness, though; my corporate office that I visit relatively frequently is next to Lowell.

Man I wish my furbabies didnt chew the wire to my mic.

I was using my cell. Fortunately, while the kitties love curling ribbon they are not attracted to wires. Really, you should switch to kitties!

Don't forget what happened to Bishop Hatto.

the previous was only a test...if this had been an actual emergency, you would have been instructed to stick your head in between your legs and ... (*blows kiss to audience* good night everybody)

The emergency is the flight has been delayed for an hour and there is no free wireless! How do they expect woman to survive without LJ?

go to the news stand, but the latest from the penny press and do the sudoku like i always do.

YAY! I got to hear your voice. These phone posts are addictive. Heee...Hope to see more!