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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Because I Couldn't Keep My Big Mouth Shut...

Why am I on your friends' list?
Then post this to your journal to see what people have to say about you.

Mood: contentIt'sFriday!!!!

Because SoutasSister ordered me to put you on.

I'm kidding. Let's see. I like your sense of humor. You're into InuYasha, big prerequisite. Um, you're capable of intelligent conversation, big bonus. I just generally like you. That's about it.

You're a good and kind woman.

hm. so many reasons....you were one of my first LJ friends. i'm not sure, but i think you found me. and you were one of the first ones to clue me into some of the LJ secrets, for which i'm very grateful. and even when i act stupid, you seem to tolerate it - which means a LOT to me!

BTW: i miss your Izumi icon....

So does pilgham. He loathes the Dola icon. I'm wavering. They're both such good role models.

Hey there. I noticed you were into Inuyasha and fanfic. I actually just started a group here and thought you may be interested. http://shikon100.livejournal.com so if you want, check it out and if you like, join. thanks!

Pimping your new comm is more appropriately done at related comms such as inuyasha_fanfic or iyissekiwa. It's less work than searching out everyone with the interest Inuyasha or Inu Yasha and less annoying.

You have an excellent sense of humour, your plot bunnies are well mannered, and your posts always make me grin!(And we like pilgham, too)

I agree with Fano...I miss your Izumi icon.

your plot bunnies are well mannered

That sounds good. WHat does it mean.
Re Izumi, I guess you, Fano and Pilgham can't all be wrong but being a sky pirate just seems so much more attainable than being an alchemist.

I hate this kind of question. I don't know. Because you were here and I was lonely? Two ships passing in the night but the boats got got stuck so that we now bob around in a circle?

I hate asking this kind of question. There's always the fear no one will respond but I had responded on other's and I'm anal so I posted it.

Perhaps we are closer to two ferries? We work the same route and toot as we pass?

From Strange Love!

... and to strange love.

I always thought that chatting with you on the phone was at least as interesting as chatting with P, only I hadn't been doing it for as long. Then Sterno got an LJ, and there you were. Most of the anime stuff goes way over my head, but I still comment to you more than many folks on my f-list.

*blushes* So flattered.

Some of your posts are a bit erudite for me but a bit hof igh-brow culture does a body good.

Why am I on your friends' list?
’Cause we were friends back in the day.
And then when I joined LJ, there you were.

So it is propinquity? Works for me.

Black Mask 2

I’ve not been feeling well lately. (But much better since my latest transfusion last week.) So this weekend, it was all I could do to surf the couch and run through the TV channels over and over and over (and I don't have cable). Until I stumbled across a Hong Kong Sci-Fi movie dubbed in Spanish (without subtitles). And one of the characters was Lang (who I recognized from your userpix)!

Re: Black Mask 2

My Review of Black Mask 2

So when you recognized Lang, did you go "Hey!"?

When I first got on LJ I needed some icons so I went to the screen caps I did for my web site.

I'm glad you're feeling better. I know how when one is feeling puny one may not really want to concentrate but if you are interested, I have a vasty number of Hong Kong DVDs but it's subs all the way.

I friended you because you asked questions in a review of WaGN. Good questions.

And you're witty. "Funny" is common so I won't call you "funny". Wit is harder to find these days.

And I like you too if that counts. ^_^

And you're witty.

Now I'm blushing. Thank you kindly.