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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Geek Road Trip

As you can see from my location, I'm out east again. All of the developers in my department are with me for a one day training in Test Driven Development.

Anyways, I bought a GPS for my laptop in preparation for my trip in two weeks so I thought this would be a good tme to give it a whirl. Of course, the software I have only provides maps of Europe so I did the Best Buy thing and randomly selected a package. C also printed directions as backup. Plus we have been out here enough times that we are getting familiar with the area; new hotel this trip, though.

We managed to get out of the airport and on to 93 without any assistance from me as I was still doping out the software. It didn't help that I couldn't find my trackball. So, the first turn that I could understand what it was telling me it said, "37B Northbound". Well, 37B is a southbound exit.

By this time, J and V who could see the screen were saying, "What's that number that seems to change randomly?" "When our speed drops to zero does the estimate of our arrival time go to infinity?"

There was an accident on 95. Being adventurous sorts with a map and a GPS to grab on to we exited early to get to the hotel via regular streets. The software, until we were almost to the hotel, kept saying, "Turn back! You're doomed! Get back on 95!" But with its maps and the GPS I navigated us to the hotel with only a few snags caused by me not knowing right from left. Tada!

Mood: accomplishedagile

Very bold of you. And in this pisser weather too.


Actually, we had beautiful weather between the airport and hotel. That made today's downpour all the more shocking.

Anonymous was me!

i splurged when i got my car a couple of years ago and got GPS. i love it when i need it, but if i don't need it i don't use it. more often than not it takes me the loooooonng way. hope your trip is great! i love stories from the road.

Well, this morning driving to work I put the GPS on just to play even though we knew the way, but yeah, normally if you don't need it, why have it telling you you're going the wrong way?

seriously. i talk back. but she's so damn stubborn!

Don't you just hate when you can't smack them around?

This is merely a test to get you ready for WHAT IS TO COME NEXT. Muhahha! (I mean your GB trip, of course)

Exactly. Bummer that I wasn't able to use the same software we will use in two weeks.

Oh wait, you'll have compact-and-carry-Noko. Put her in the wheeled luggage. She can knock once for right, twice for left, and thrice for potty-break.

Or you can just leave it at twice. She should be able to hold it like the kids.

Well, sure, if we want to end up in the drink! How is Noko supposed to navigate from inside a suitcase, especially whacked out on Cheetohs®?

She comes from a long line of super-spies, so of course, navigating the streets of London from inside of a rolling box should be no problem for her. Haven't you seen Mission Impossible? Don't you know anything about spies?

(and please remember that she prefers the 'fire' flavor cheetohs. Don't bother asking her, just pack them. You won't regret it one bit.)

*head desk* Gah! I totally forgot that supah sekrit compass thingy she got at Burger King the other week! Of course!

Shush your mouth! You've said too much.