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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Soundtrack Meme So I Don't Have to Beta

Gacked from inu_yukai

Movie soundtrack for your life. The rules:

1. Put your music player of choice on shuffle.
2. Scene one = first song played, scene two = second, so on.
3. No cheating/skipping.
4. Pass it on.
5. (I added this rule because I'm not having a soundtrack with songs I don't like in it) Set Preference to 'Excellent'
6. (Another rule I added because otherwise the thing would be infinitely long) Set Movie length.

The Soundtrack:
I was going for 90 minutes (my life is a good one but not what I would call epic) but Musicmatch insisted on full hours so it's 2 hours.

1. Queen\Night At The Opera, A\07 - Seaside Rendevous.mp3 -- Conception music for the shores of Lake Michigan?
2. Beatles\1962-1966 (2 Of 2)\03 - We Can Work It Out.mp3
3. Compilation\Spy Music, Vol. 1\02 - Peter Gunn.mp3
4. OST.Movie\1776 [Original Broadway Cast]\05 - But, Mr. Adams.mp3 -- ????
5. Setzer, Brian\Vavoom!\06 - Drive Like Lightning (Crash Like Thunder).mp3
6. Yankovic, 'Weird Al'\Running With Scissors\09 - It's All About The Pentiums.mp3 -- This scene deals with how I was destined to be a programmer because my dad was going to computer school when I was conceived.
7. Robbins, Marty\No. 1 Cowboy\15 - Ballad of the Alamo [From the Batjac Production The Alamo].mp3 -- I moved to San Antonio when I was 10 months old and moved away when I was 2 1/2. This scene must occur in that time.
8. OST.Movie\Chicken Run\14 - Into the Pie Machine.mp3 -- This is the music for the mockingbirds plotting against me in Texas.
9. Setzer, Brian\Vavoom!\03 - Americano.mp3
10. OST.TV\Outlaw Star\Outlaw Star Original Soundtrack 1\02 - Through The Night.mp3
11. Beausoleil\L' Amour Ou La Folie\09 - Can't You See (Tu Vas Voir).mp3
12. OST.TV\s.CRY.ed\s.CRY.ed O.S.T.1\07 - extended play.mp3
13. Yankovic, 'Weird Al'\Running With Scissors\11 - Grapefruit Diet.mp3
14. OST.Movie\Chicken Run\18 - Chickens Are Revolting, The.mp3 -- I was always the picky eater.
15. Cole, Nat King\Jazz Encounters\09 - Baby, Riffamarole.mp3
16. OST.TV\Animaniacs\Variety Pack\12 - Presidents, The.mp3 -- Must be junior high
17. Cotton Club Orchestra\Nice Work if You Can Get It\02 - Jazz Me Blues.mp3
18. Austin Lounge LIzards\Highway Cafe of the Damned, The\05 - Acid Rain.mp3
19. Beausoleil\L' Amour Ou La Folie\05 - Eunice Two Step.mp3
20. Yankovic, 'Weird Al'\Weird Al Yankovic's Greatest Hits Vol. 2\02 - Bedrock Anthem.mp3
21. Austin Lounge LIzards\Never An Adult Moment\04 - Rasputin's HMO.mp3 -- The medical insurance was a little flaky for my first several jobs.
22. Austin Lounge LIzards\Employee Of The Month\02 - Hey, Little Minivan.mp3 -- My first car, not counting my half of the Camaro, a Volvo wagon but there aren't any songs about those.
23. Compilation\Rock This Town Rockabilly Hits, Vol. 2\06 - Danny Boy.mp3
24. Austin Lounge LIzards\Small Minds\05 - Do Not Go to Tennessee.mp3
25. Beatles\1962-1966 (2 Of 2)\01 - Help!.mp3
26. Horton, Johnny\16 Biggest Hits\09 - Sink the Bismarck.mp3
27. OST.TV\Avenger\Avenger O.S.T\19 - until the end of the world.mp3
28. Yankovic, 'Weird Al'\Weird Al Yankovic's Greatest Hits Vol. 2\07 - Money For Nothing- Beverly Hillbillies.mp3
29.OST.TV\Animaniacs\Variety Pack\10 - Slappy Squirrel Theme.mp3
30. Queen\Night At The Opera, A\04 - You're My Best Friend.mp3 -- Marriage!!!
31. Fennell, Frederick\Fennell, Frederick\08 - English Folk Song Suite for military band- No. 1, March in F minor (Seventeen come Sunday).mp3
32. Compilation\Rock This Town Rockabilly Hits, Vol. 2\12 - I Hear You Knockin'.mp3
33. OST.Movie\Six-String Samurai\07 - Boogie on the Beach.mp3
34. Beatles\1962-1966 (1 Of 2)\13 - Yesterday.mp3
35. Yankovic, 'Weird Al'\Weird Al Yankovic's Greatest Hits Vol. 2\12 - Christmas At Ground Zero.mp3
36. Compilation\Entertainer the Ragtime Music of Scott Joplin & George Gershwin, The\05 - Maple Leaf Rag, The.mp3
37. Compilation\Pulp Surfin'\03 - Pintor.mp3
38. Joel, Billy\Greatest Hits, Vols. 1 & 2 (1973-1985) (2 of 2)\11 - Uptown Girl.mp3
39. Cole, Nat King\Christmas Song, The [Capitol]\04 - God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen.mp3

It is interesting how much of my soundtack is the soundtrack of TV (3, 10, 12, 16, 27, 29) and movies (4, 7, 8, 14, 26, 33) . Not to mention the Weird Al songs about popular culture.

It beats me how come so much Beatles came up when I actually prefer the Beach Boys and I like Beausoleil but I'm surprised at how much they occur here, also Cole. Plus, where's the Nick Lowe?

Tune: "Into the Pie Machine" by Original Score

1. Queen\Night At The Opera, A\07 - Seaside Rendevous.mp3 -- Conception music for the shores of Lake Michigan? lol - that's one of my favorite Queen songs ... I've never met anyone else who even knew what it was, much less put it #1 on thier life movie! it's such a cute, silly little song....

I like every song on that album except "Death on Two Legs" but "39" is my favorite and the damn robot didn't throw it up there.

haha. I love "39" too. I don't mind "Death" ... I used to do homework to that album over and over and over again.....it's ingrained in my braincells. heehee. but you woulnd't have chosen "39" for your conception, would you?????

ouatic likes Seaside Rendezvous, but not Brighton Rock. I do not follow.

Right, because "Seaside Rendezvous" and "Brighton Rock" are so similar?!

as in - the real location?

random -- Having no specific pattern.

Messed up there/ The meme says "shuffle" not random" but I didn't get to choose the songs or the the order.

You actually own Weird Al Yankovic albums? Why am I not surprised?

Mainly best of. But the man's a genius.

I must agree. I actually saw weird Al once, sideways, through the door at the Hampton Casino. We didn't have tickets.

Thanks for the books. I wonder why I never read Pratchett.