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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Ghosts of Halloweens Past and a Lagniappe

I got a package from my brother Friday. Among other things were some pictures which I promptly scanned:

MD in 1998 ala Indiana Jones.

1999 she was a Space Marine. I thought the costume came out really well. First, some tatts.

Next, her bionic arm. MD broke her arm jumping out of a swing a couple of weeks before Halloween. I don't know what we would have done if she had selected a pink cast.

A better view of her facial circuitry.

The tunic.

MD was a sorceress in 2003. This was actually the second Halloween she wore the cape, which, by the way, I sewed, and it looked fabulous. As i recall, she did her own face that year.

This isn't MD. This is me at about 6. Iwas wearing a dress and, most likely, black and white saddle shoes. That was back in the day when I had to wear a dress to school every day even though I went to public school. THe only exceptions were field trips. Even girls were allowed to wear pants on field trips.

I showed this picture to a couple of folks at the office. One said, that if I hadn't said that was me, she wouldn't have known. Maybe it's the slightly goofy expression.

fenikkusuken, l_poetica, alterfano, soutassister, alf_b, paynesgrey, nelson_bannaba, I've read your works and I have to say, that despite all the bitching and moaning I hear about the Guild, it seems like they got it right this quarter.

Though it did look like Fenikkusuken paid off the vote counters. It was clearly her quarter. I did think Fano, won in the wrong category -- how many chapters of foreplay have we had so far? And as for you Nelson, I'd love to be a fly on the wall when you brag to your husband that you won 1st place for writing girl on girl smut!

Anyways, a well deserved congratulations to you all!

NOTE: I guess I'll have to read The Methods of Apartment H, finally. I've been seeing it around. Will I need to begin stalking this Snovelor person, I wonder?


You were apparently attempting to eat your own lips when you were six. My question, did you succeed?

They're gone now.

A job well done then.

MD looks markedly like you, only with lips. Neither of my kids look all that much like me except for Meaghan's hair and Brigid's general face shape. I'm supposed to be penning violence but I am reading Norton's 'Web of the Witch World' instead.

They still aren't back from the convention yet. I trust this means they are happy.

They were supposed to be back 3 hours ago, right? THis is why MD has a cell, for my convenience. Of course, the brat turns it off.

They are back more-or-less in one piece.

I did think Fano, won in the wrong category -- how many chapters of foreplay have we had so far? haha! you said it not me (tho i did wonder it). i've come to the conclusion that the IYFG readers mean LEMON when they want LEMON .... not just supper yellow limes. well, that's next so, maybe next quarter....

but thank you for the good thoughts, and for your sharp eye on the reading. sorry i made you squick in those almost-a-foursome chapters. came closer than i expected too....

now i'm off to try and rewrite my "important work" for the zillionth time. hopefully....soon.....sigh.

I was reading that Apartment H thing. It is very well written but the focus is too much on the OCs for me. It's not even that they're bad OCs though I do wonder at the Tokyo PD having a cop who barely speaks Japanese.

sorry for being geeky - what' "OC?" the tokyo police, i'm thinking they'd be more on top of things..

Original Character

oh. of course....i was all hung up on "out of ..." heehee.thx

Tell him that on the Z! forum if you think about it. He's asking for a critical review and he wants honesty. :)

Look at those eyes! You're just so darn cute! I also had a whole wardrobe of blouses and jumpers, all sewn by maman, and patent mary-janes. Rather cramped my style, since I was of the climb-the-tree-and-swing-from-the-branches persuasion...maybe it was all a plot on the part of my very girly mother?

My favourite jumper was mock-patent crocodile number, worn with a lace-jabot trimmed blouse. I really should find a pic of that outfit and scan it!

I would so love to be there when Nelson tells Ed about her win...

We didn't have trees big enough to climb on; it was brand new development. Also, all the other little girls wore pretty much the same.

On the one hand, I did like getting gussied up, on the other hand my favorite Christmas present of all time, was a cavalry uniform my mother sewed me. I had a cool blue hat with a gold cord on it and a winchester. I wore hat everywhere until i got too small. The following year she made me an Indian princess dress. Sure, it was nice but not the same.

Let's see the wee little Fennie!

Ouatic, what I remember out of those years was pretty well active pain. I remember an Easter outfit that I wore that sums it up nicely; my mother has the snapshot to this day.

In the picture, I stand next to my brother, Michael, with my face somwehat down-turned as if wincing from the sun. That wasn't all I was wincing from: what with the idiot white rattan hat on my head down to the overly wide (and sill yet short) shoes on my feet I was just a bundle of itching, chafed, misery.

I'm sorry your feet were scarred for life. I never wore a bonnet except when we were making hats from doilys and plastic flowers.

I don't remember my feet hurting but remember my mother's words of wisdom, "Never buy cheap shoes." I think that included shoes that fit.

My only shoe trauma of the time involved a pair of suede cowboy boots (this was back in my riding lesson days and I rode western) which I adored and wore everywhere. At some school festival blue poster paint was spilled on them and they were never the same. I was crushed.

My son would worship at your feet; his oma made him a spiffy cavalry officer's outfit for Hallowe'en a couple of years ago, and I caught him sleeping in it a few times, my old BB gun clutched to his chest. He's on a Civil War kick right now, as my mom told him the story about our relative who fought with one of the Ohio divisions, and was invalided out with sunstroke during an early campaign.

I have got to brave the rat's nest in my mother's basement and find my old picture albums. In lieu of my early-70s groovy attire, I'll try to upload a pic of my spawn in their Star Wars outfits from last Hallowe'en. They were 'Oobadoowa Kenobi' and 'Leia'.

I simply cannot speak for the terrible memory! It was horrid.

Now that you are respponsible for your own dress, what's your preferred 'uniform'?

I dress for comfort and usually in dark colors. If I wear a skirt and I often do, it's long and easy to move in. Shoes usually have low heels and are easy to get off as I prefer to be barefoot. You?

Jeans and sneakers. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I wear a skirt in a year. It's not necessarily a good look for me but I'm going for comfort. The problem with skirts is I'm enough a child of my time that I feel self-conscious if I don't depilate and I really can't be bothered.

Flowing floor or ankle length skirts are common around here and that's what I wear. Problem soved. Wearing a short skirt is almost an ad that you are not a local and few locals ever show their knees in a skirt even if they do go above ankle length.

Which makes going into Boston a little weird as the professional women up there take a different veiwpoint and seldom wear anything that they can sit down in. Hell, suit jackets often hang longer than the skirts up there.

I have been thinking of trying that route. Especially since the package with the photos was mainly my mother's jewelry and I would like to wear it. It's fairly casual stuff (chunky turquoise and amber) but requires a bit more than a t-shirt.

It really is a comfy way to dress. Besides, pull on undies, drop a sheath over your head and you are dressed.

Cute pictures, including yours. Halloween is the best holiday. :)

Thanks for the congrats too. I was also glad that Nelson won. I've never voted in the Yuri/Yaoi category until this quarter and she made me do it with her excellent story. ^_^

Halloween was always my second favorite holiday after Christmas. In my con-going days, I usually had a hall costume because dressing up is tres fun.