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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Do You Know Where Your Towel Is?

It's National Towel Day.

My towel is at home in the bathroom, doing what comes naturally.

Current Location: Work
Mood: awakeawake

So, did you see anyone at work carrying their towel? Why aren't you carrying your towel today? Aren't you worried about the possibility of unexpected hand-to-hand combat?

Generally my glower averts combat. Apparently, I am quite scary. Nothing like pilgham, though, who causes old ladies to cross to the other side of the street as he totally ignores them (the old ladies).

seems like an elaborate scheme to get your email address. i swear, you'd think people had better things to do than make silly web pages full of such tripe ... like - oops - fanfic!


You don't think honoring the late, somewhat great Douglas Adams is worth a little spam?

i *little spam* maybe.....but i'm not taking the chance. I did my genuflecting by visiting the site (and I did, in fact, take a moment to than the venerable Mr. Adams for BabbleFish)

Sigh, I did not realize this which must be why no-one has called me a hoopy frood today. Maybe I don't sass enough aliens.

I find that very difficult to believe. I'm sure any aliens you encounter are thoroughly sassed.

I would like to think of myself as beyond 'hoopy frood' also. I like to view myself as an incognito passerby, myself.

Have you noticed? All the nifty writers appear to be dying. It's annoying.

I'm sure they are being replaced by new equally nifty writers. You just have to search for them.

Terry Pratchett is still around.

Huh. Can't say I have read that one.

IMNSHO, Pratchett is way better than Adams.

You really haven't read any Pratchett? No "Good Omens"? No "A Monstrous Regiment" No Discworld at all?

No. Can't read everything if it does'nt come beneath my eyes.

Refresh my memory as to your address and some will come beneath your eyes.