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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Teh Funny

Courtesy of bibliofile, I give you what is probably the only Buffy/Eurovision crossover: Good Lordi, by bogwitch.


very strange. i'm not a buffy or eurovision knowledgeable...but it was still humorous. my favorite lines:

His huge, compensatory battleaxe cut a wide path through the glitter and the sequins

also liked the one about "how am i going to find another base player now?"

Those were both good lines.

I myself know nothing about the Eurovision song contest other than it's existence and the winners don't actually become hits.

Very teh funny.

That was hilarious!

Makes me wish that Canadian Idol had entrants like 'Lordi'. I might actually watch it.

Those guys probably wash out in the auditions.

I agree. Canada seems to produce 'sincere' rockers with a message, like Rush, Brian Adams, Nickelback, Sarah Mclaughlin...not a single flamboyant one in the bunch. Even The Bare Naked Ladies are about as wild 'n crazy as we get, and its all in their name.

You can keep Celine Dion. Seriously. She was probably accidentally dropped on the wrong side of the border by the stork, which was blown off course from New York City by a vagrant wind.

Buffy was hot.

SHe always is.

Stop you perving!

stop 'your' perving - today must be dummy day for me.

Hee! Methinks the author didn't quite get the irony inherent in the band. Or maybe I'm just giving them too much credit...

Was there irony inherent in the band? It was hard to tell from that wee, little picture bogwitch had, and of course over here, there is zero coverage.

Yes, I did! I was just writing it straight. The original point of the story was that Lordi actually *were* demons, but that wasn't as funny as just having them a bit deluded and Buffy buying into that pretense.

There, there. The story was just chock full of irony, I'm sure.