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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
A Mother's Burden

If MD can summon a chariot drawn by demonic goats, flying demonic goats, how come I have to drive her to violin every week?

Mood: crankycranky

Can she though?

She was bragging on it.

Ah yes...the everlasting driving...the neverending everlasting driving...the constant and neverending everlasting driving...ack!


They are very ecologically sound.

Contract says that daemonic help can not be actually helpful.

That must be it. Or perhaps she can summon the chariot but isn't actually licensed to drive the thing.

Eh . . .what?


*sighs* ok, let us go over this again. surely you still have the contract that you made out with your daughter when she was born.

go to page 18, paragraph 2, line 4 states "the mother and/or father will supply the daughter with a ride to whatever pratices the child takes up regardless if the child has obtin her operators lincense and vehicle, so as to continue the harmonous bonding of the child and parent, even in moving vehicles. this will show the child that the parents still care for the child."

Now if you go to page 50, line 3, there it reads "brattyness being expected, the driving of the child to certain disignation will aid the parent in the non governmental spounsered torture of the child. the parent MAY play music from 30 to 40 years ago and sing along off key."

see, it is in the contract.

Ah that explains it.

I actually let her choose the music but *shifty eyes* it's from my jukebox! We sing old music out of key together. Last night it was Johnny Horton.

mother's lament - "'cuz it's what we do"

But why me and not pilgham? He likes classical music. (Note: I don't dislike it. I just prefer music I can sing along with.)

I think the most interesting thing is she is playing an online computer game that has NO graphics. It's all text.

It's because of the PT Cruiser; everything is retro-styled nowadays.

Is MD playing any Wagner, by chance? That chariot being pulled by flying demonic goats sounds sort of Wotan-ish... just keep her away from the Hartz Mountains...

She just finished some Shostakovich?