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Ouatic-7 [userpic]

I got carded at the grocery store this evening!

Gives me a bit of a lift even if I suspect the clerk of carding all the middle-aged ladies as his good deed for the day.

Also, MD had a concert last night. According to pilgham, "It was so good, the people behind me shut up!"


It's the henna. It makes you look younger ^__^

I should use twice as much next time.

All the guys will wonder how pilgham got the young chickie.

whoa! that hasn't happened to me in years!

Exactly! Even if the rule is card everyone who looks under 40 It's still been a goodly while!

yeah. when i got my hair lightened i thought *maybe* but alas ... even the 18 year olds at the grocery store arne't that stupid!

obviously, they are that stupid - i mean .... flattering - in your neighborhood.

The last time it happened to me, I'd just turned 40. I thanked him on my mother's behalf, too. The guy (doorman at a music venue) looked so young, actually, I wanted to card HIM.

yeah, that's the rub of it the ones that do it just don't know any better - as opposed to having decent judgment and "still wondering if that's lady's young enough" *sigh*

My guy looked to be late 20's. I think he was just being sweet, or wanted to meet MD who he apparently thought was 19.

And then there's Evanston...

Ah, that brings back memories of high school, when I'd head down to the Northwestern library to do research and guys would start chatting me up. Of course, I had the height thing going, too; people often thought I was old enough to drink starting from about 17. Yeah, then there was the time when some of Chandler's types went out after work. The waitress confidently asked two of the others for ID, saying she can spot 'em a mile away. I was 19; everyone else was over 21.

Re: And then there's Evanston...

And that's why they have towns with a card everyone rule.

one of the local grocery stores cards everyone, regardless, HOWEVER when they card me, i begin to do a dance and sing "I got carded, i got carded, yay yay yay, yay yay yay"

it felt good, didn't it?

Yeppers. He was a great actor, too, pretending he knew it was an imposition but he really couldn't tell.

Maybe the clerk has a thing for you and wanted to get a look at your ID - when in doubt, fall back on the stalker excuse. But then, Parsnip's idea had merit. Almost got highlights at the bi-annual haircut, but settled for cutting 6 inches instead because I didn't have the extra sixty bucks.

Well, my stalker has endorsed the henna.


You'll need to get new IDs with pix of the new hair.

I am due for a new Driver's License this year but the old one is old enough that I was less grey and had short hair. Sadly, it's more an issue of the weight but let's not go there.

I like Nelson's idea... he really wanted to check you out, to see if you were a true red-haired 'vixen' worth hunting!

Only vaguely apropos, We took the train home from DC in 2004. Pilgham and I were lurking in the lounge car waiting for the vendor to reopen and this guy plopped himself down across from us and started chatting us up, both of us!

He wanted me to come out and smoke with him but pilgham could come too. He also hinted he would like to engage in other activities with the both of us.

We declined.

Yikes! Did he accept his rebuff politely? That's just plain... eeyew.

Only 'defensive' thing we had to do this weekend was run interference between our nubile nymphs and several teams worth of teenage soccer players who were staying in the same hotel. Our senior girls were frolicking in one of the hot tubs in their skimpy bikinis and dancers' bodies...and there were serried ranks of young males with drool running down their chins hanging about, tucking room numbers into the girls' discarded towels and 'accidentally' kicking their hacky-sacs into the water.

The coaches weren't much better. We were seriously tempted to unleash a fire hose or two to get them to move along.

The guy took it well but I scuttled away as soon as my booze was available.

Re the soccer players: not at all surprising.
Re the coaches: you don't say how old they were but where we live it always seems to be the soccer coaches (as opposed to tennis or gymnastics or math) who get arrested for fondling the girls.

Other than that, was the convention a success?


Coaches were fortyish males who definitely ought to know better than to drool over the teenage daughters of other fortyish males.

Convention was a screaming success from the viewpoint of the eight-year-old. She had her feet danced off for four hours straight each morning, working on jazz, tap, hip-hop, musical theatre, Broadway showtunes, and even physical comedy. She went swimming in the pool after lunch, and then she was either competing or watching the action. The competitions in the afternoons and evenings were very high-calibre and extremely entertaining to watch. Our group made a respectable showing in the standings, so the teaching staff was pleased.

It was very scenic, the weather co-operated, and the roommate and I went out for hikes on the ski runs, and gawked at mansion-sized log homes. Biggest wildlife sighted was a chipmunk on the hotel patio in the morning; I was hoping for a black bear at the very least. Found a place that made excellent mochas, and another that sold decent wine for nightcaps, so maman was happy.

The ferry trip and bus ride were quite tolerable; managed to knock off a couple of chapters and a smut!fic over the thirteen hours of transit, so it was all good. Nice to be back in my own little bed, with my own little pillow, and a husband who missed me, though.

Nice to be back in my own little bed, with my own little pillow, and a husband who missed me, though.

It's good to get away but then it's good to come back, especially when you were missed.

Our percieved age cut-off is thirty and I never get carded (sniff).

*pat* *pat* I'm fairly certain it's 40 around here and I'm sure you would definitely be carded, too.

So, were you in danger of washing away?

Nope, no drama around here. Just lots of moisture.