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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
All You Need to Know About My Oneness With the Universe

I ask MD, "Would you say your mother has the spirituality of a peanut?"

"Is it a spiritual peanut?" she replies.


"Then yes."

This was prompted by a stream of comments all attesting to the commenter's spirituality.

MD provided the peanut.


So are you calling it a self-portrait?

Only in as much as the Strong Bad peanut symbolizes my innermost faith.

Is the peanut strong-tasting or just plain strong?

I might add that this followed on a conversation about whether a peanut was a spiritual being. O thought it wasn't. MD thought it was. I felt that one shouldn't judge.

No, no, no, that conversation about the spiritual life of a peanut came about because of the posted conversation. You all both thought I was too judgemental.

I think I'm too entertained by this.

Mission accomplished!

I want to hear about the spiritual life of a plastic spoon as opposed to that of a spoork.

THere is a great schism among sporks. THey belive themselves to be created in both the likeness of the spoon and the fork in order to accomplish the work of both. WHile many feels this renders them superiors others know that they fail as both fork and spoon.

plastic spoons aren't really much for navel gazing because it's all upside down.


But, does either a peanut or a spork have Buddha nature?

Snorlax is my spirit guide

When ever I need spiritual guidance, I just ask myself: "What would Snorlax do?"

Re: Snorlax is my spirit guide

I had to research Snorlax. It seems to greatly resembe Totoro. But from what I found, Snorlax seems like an admirable spirit guide and if I ever needed spiritual guidance, which I never do having no spirit, I would definitely turn to Snorlax.


When in trouble, or in doubt, just ask yourself: “What would Snorlax do?”

Snorlax is a pokemon that is usually not a particularly good choice to put into the fight. (Although, in certain circumstances, Snorlax is useful strategically for ability to absorb damage, or to withstand a particular type of attack, etc.) Snorlax eats and sleeps. Snorlax weighs at least half a metric tonne. Occasionally, Snorlax wins a bout by rolling over while sleeping and crushing opponents.

We humans consider ourselves to be the pinnacle of creation, yet we are plagued by fear, doubt, confusion, conflict, war, etc.
The so-called “lower” animals fulfill their daily needs, and then go back to sleep. They don’t speculate on the stock market, or file for divorce due to irreconcilable differences.
Humans fulfill their daily needs and then cheat on their spouses while writing fanfic.
If humans lived their lives more like the “lower” animals--more like Snorlax--wouldn’t we avoid a lot of the problems that seem to be such an integral part of the human condition?

Wanna stay out of trouble? Just ask yourself: WWSD?
(The answer is always correct, and is always: “Take a nap.”)

Of course they are complimentary; they want to come back as soybeans.