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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Me and My Henna

Here I am in 1987 (pilgham out of the hospital for all of 2 days). Can't really see the hair though.
Wedding pic

Before henna:
Before henna

After henna:
After henna

One of the problems in comparison is the before picture is indoors and the after picture is outdoors. I do feel like my hair was brightened up a bit but as you can see on the locks next to my face, the streaks are maintained.

As it was my first time, I'm not sure I did a good job of getting all layers of hair coated. However it was less hassle than I feared. I followed these directions for "the fast and basic version". While I was waiting for two hours with green paste on my head, MD wanted to poke my hair. So did I.

It took 4 or 5 days for all the color to come in. I read the henna oxidized and for some reason thought that meant it faded but no, it's developing the color.

Mood: rejuvenatedrejuvenated

Damn! I was good looking back then!

You both look so sensible.

And I sewed my dress.

*reads directions, then squints at you* Um. I think you look blonde. I don't see any red. But you've been married almost twice as long as me! ^_^

Woohoo! I win! (I'm just so competitive!)

Your hair cut/color is really pretty and frames your face nicely. Pretttttyyyy... ;o)

Thank you. I do like the color and it's all about configdence, isn't it?

Dang it, the pictures won't load for me. I can't see a damn thing!

I laugh, because there they are in the note LJ sent me. THe pictures are loaded on SmugMug. Maybe you have your browser set to not allow stuff from sites other than the one you are visiting? If it helps, my domain on SmugMug is ouatic-7.smugmug.com

You can't really see the red highlights in the shaded portion of the hair, but you can definitely see them shining in the sunlight! I rather like it and think you did a good job. It looks like a nice subtle effect ^_^

I think so. Nobody at work had said, "Hey, did you color your hair?" which they might not have anyway but I had comments when I cut it.


Ooh, thanks for the pic! Looks good. I'm much darker to start out with, so my red is deeper. Wish it was your tone, actually.

I wore a knock-off of Lady Diana's poufter gown in 1990, but we were married on Bastille Day for the historical ref. I'd wanted D-Day, but it just didn't work out on a weekend that year...

Our photographer was crappy so you can't really see it in this picture but
my dress is Edwardian, a combination of these two Folkwear patterns, 205 and 209:


Unfortunately, the page won't reveal the links for those patterns directly.

D-Day is certainly an interesting choice for a wedding date. I bet it is much easier to book than Valentines.

Wow, I remember that! In fact, I find all the present-day pictures to be a little odd--still getting used to the fact that you aged and the photos in my mind didn't. Oh, and the food--there was SO MUCH of it. Lovely, though.

I like the way the henna turned out. I always sort of wondered how to deal with henna outside of a boxed thing from the store.

I find all the present-day pictures to be a little odd--still getting used to the fact that you aged and the photos in my mind didn't.

You're not the only one. In my mind I'm still a svelte 37 year old (Strangely, that was the year I was most physically fit). Plus, I'm the family picture taker so there aren't many pictures of me and the ones there are, I don't like because they don't resemble my inner vision.

I might have gone with the box if they carried it at the grocery store or if I had to let the henna develop for 8 hours before even applying it which you have to do if you don't heat it. This way, I cooked it up, showered, applied the gunk, did regular stuff for a couple of hours and showered again.

i like the henna. very gentle color....so that explains noko's out-of-the-blue wedding post!

It came out just about exactly how I wanted so I'm real pleased. Now I must go see Noko's post.

The henna looks great, and very natural.

I love wedding pics. MFB and I eloped, so no pics, but I might have a couple from the reception that was held for us when we returned.


Our photographer wasn't very good. I wish I could find the ones my brother took. I'd love to see your reception photos.

Pretty Ouatic

I really like your hair! The touch of red/golden suits you. I had that very same haircut about 2 years ago and the long bangs did get in the way - it all ended up in a ponytail after a month or so. But yours seems to hold it's shape well. Your hair looks very red in your wedding photo, which is lovely. The dress and bouquet are lovely too! Was that a church setting, you heathen!

Re: Pretty Ouatic

Sure. After all, the wedding is for the family not the couple...