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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Happy Children's Day!

We celebrated the same way we usually do. pilgham brought home Corona and Dos Equis Amber and we had take away from Taqueria Alamo.

MD said there were mariachis at luch at school yesterday. We didn't have mariachis.

pilgham's passport showed up so he can come with me to the UK. However, we're still waiting for MD's. She probably wouyd rather stay home with the cats, anyway.

I have everything booked except the ferry from Kirkwall to Aberdeen. I'll probably ddo that in the morning.

Getting a room in Kirkwall in late June is not as easy as it might seem. As far as I can tell, none of the places have online booking so I emailed the top choices and got back a slew of emails saying no-can-do. However, one seemed to think we needed a room for the night we were departting so I emailed back. They email, "Oh, OK, we have space then." I promptly sent credit card info and never got back a confirmation. A week later I emailed again. No response. So Wednesday morning I phoned the hotel right after I got up at like 4:20 AM. 4:20 AM is not a time at which I am naturally inclined to do business. I didn't enjoy it but I was successful and we do have a place to stay which is a good thing because pilgham made me give up a night in Bath and a night in Edinburgh so we would have extra time there. "It's the only time I'll get to go," he said, pitifully.

Yesterday, got the fruits of my whoring, my Karas DVD. 2 weeks after it was released. pilgham has no interest so I can watch it whenever I want.

My company now has engineering blogs. They are supposed to be mostly technical. I made a post. It may be my last. It was on phone meeting etiquette, something I'm really sensitive about because of working 1000 miles from the majority of engineering. It was the most popular blog of the day and pretty popular the next day. I don't get that.

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I trust you have arranged for a nice location for you suitcase as I will be in it.

Of course your blog post was read a lot. You are a seasoned blogger.

I figured you would just use MD's tickets.

Might as well.

Hope you don't mind rollaways.

Mariachis? Yee-HAA!

Happy Children's Day!
NZ's Children's Day is in March (as of 2007, previously October). Do you mean Cinco de Mayo?

Re: Mariachis? Yee-HAA!

Today is Kodomo no Hi (Children's Day) in Japan. It's a national holiday, the last day of Golden Week.

Wah, Anna's sick so there wasn't much of a cinco de mayo here.

Sorry to hear that. But just think, eventually she will be a teenager and her ailments won't prevent you from living it up (if you call take away and watching last night's Earl en famile "living it up".

now comes the FUN question...you got your passports, you got your tickets. you got your hotels, you got your transportation, did you check to see if you are ALLOWED to fly (The no fly list) (Even Sen. Kennedy has trouble)
while you are overseas, can you pick up some kilts. I ordered a few for my friends, the Blamonges XD

I flew in February and I have another trip in early June. Pilgham has one Monday. If there is anyone who's been banned that we won't know until the last minute, it is MD or Noko. Relatively speaing, you don't live far, maybe you could come down to O'Hare and distract Security so whomever could make a run for it?

If you can have the kilts delivered to our hotel in Edinburgh, we 're at the Norwayinel, we can bring them back.


Is that an in skitter or an out skitter?