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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Nifty 1904 Japanese Prints of the Russo-Japanese War

ffutures scanned and posted these today. I think they are wood block prints:

Nifty 1904 Japanese Prints of the Russo-Japanese War

Edit: By the way, there is a magical girl anime that takes place during the Russo-Japanese War. It's called Lime-iro Senkitan and is awfully fan-service-y. I was watching it on a plane and, according to pilgham, the 12 year old boy sitting next to me couldn't take his eyes from my screen. I don't recommend the show, just sayin'.


Interesting. But without closer looks at the seals and kanji there's no hope of even digging up a name. One or two of these are of high enough quality to cause me to assume that these were well known artists in their day.

I just thought it was neat to see somthing other than a vew of Mt. Fuji in that style.

Oh, there was quite a school of them and we ain't talking Currier and Ives either. I always hated those.

Currier and Ives or non-Mt. Fuji prints?

I find the Currier and Ives pretty dull myself. To many sleds. Give me a good cavalry charge!

Piffle, you know what I mean. Quiet now, I am enjoying your fic.

Well, err, judging from the japanese site if there was a 12-year-old boy, I sure that was one of his more memorable trips.

Very cool prints! I wish I had these when I was trying to teach the lead-up to WWI to my horde. They all preferred to be visual learners, and complained bitterly if there wasn't a movie to be viewed on the topic.

I rather liked the effect of the red lines representing the path of the bullets.

interesting. thanks for sharing

I like Japanese art of that style, but not necessarily war scenes. The first print was my favorite. :)