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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
I Have Popped My Own Cherry

Yes, I colored my hair.

I used henna so I won't really see the final result for a couple of days.

Wish me luck.

Mood: exanimateexcited, artsy-crafty and apprehensive

You are so lucky I was not eating anything as I would have inhaled it upon reading that and died.

? Many women color their hair.

The title, and having a houseful of nubile virgins.

You know I was just being difficult.

Yes, I do.

Don't worry, it looks fine.

It seems innocuous so far.

So, are you going to send me a picture of her?

If you like, but I'm taking the picture this time; she's never posted a decent picture of herself that I've seen. Terrible, really.

Silence is golden.

oh. yes. Post a picture and give us all the link!

I thought the last one was fine. But go ahead and post more. We can't get enough of our Ouatic!

ha. the hair bug has hit you, I see. I never did anything w/ my hair until I was in my early 40's and discovered that "old ladies" looked younger than me, merely on the strength of their hair. So I broke down and started with the chemicals. A few years later and thousands of dollars out the window, I feel younger than them at least. lol.

The effect is pretty subtle but, at least for a first go, that's what I was going for.

good for you!

Thank goodness for chemicals! I am a bottle blond myself. I was born blond (whitish fly-away variety) but my hair faded to brown after high school. So don't be shy of experimenting with color. Let us see a picture too if you get a chance. The new haircut looks good, by the way. :)


How goes the househunt?

In the sunlight I used to have copper colored hair and that is what I'm going for now. pilgham was funny. He was all, "Don't leave it on too long. Are you sure you want to do this?" and stuff. I rinsed it out and he said, "You should have left it in longer." But, as I said, it will take a few days to see the final color.


You can always wait for something like three weeks and give it another whirl.

I assume you gotta reapply every so often anyways...

So has the color settled in yet? I think we deserve a look-see so that we can comment and give approval or not.

I've never colored my hair either. Were you nervous the first time? I've always wanted to go blond.

I don't know if it's finished oxidizing or not. Also not sure if I can see a difference or not. I may have cooked the henna or not left it on long enough or something.

Not to nervous because I wasn't expecting a big change.