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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Spring has sprung...

there was a palateria man out with his cart in my neighborhood.

Edit 4/21/2006: I am so abashed. It's paleteria.

Here's a pic.


I went googling for a link to explain this strange word. Found this...

I got so curious I switched over to reading in Spanish without translation and came up with more info that way. Basically, they are ice cream shops of sorts and down in Mexico they have a long tradition of having local artists paint murals on their walls of questionable taste and much political commentary.

Seems to remind me of the graffiti on the walls of cook shops in Pompeii, only larger and more colorful. So, it's just the ice cream guy and not really a fancy word at all. Sigh, another mystery turns out not to be so mysterious.

And I bet he doesn't even sell drumsticks.

Nope, fresh fruit and coconut milk sorbets frozen on a stick. They sound very good. It's just I was thinking of ice cream as 'helio de leche' and that is just a type, not the term for the treat.

Had to google it myself. Woe for illinoians who lack the ice cream man...

I have never actually bought anything from the palateria but MD has. After reading pilgham's link, I will have to splurge.

hey, hasn't anyone told him yet that it's not summer yet? and if it's really a Mexican treat, isnt' he a little far north?

BTW: I looked this up at dictionary.com and a spanish-english dic site also. zilch....

My suburb is 40% Hispanic. There are enough Hispanics in the Chicago area that I have bought tortillas at the big chain grocers which were still warm.

ahhhh. i get it.

Cart, not van? Coolios!

A-hem, I mean, how quaint.

The palateria guys have a pushcart or a bike cart.

But we also get Good Humor and its competitors in vans.


The frozen treats that you desire ("Mexican style quiescently frozen popsicles") are called "paletas". They are available made with or without milk (usually by brand).

The men that hawk paletas (and it is almost always men) from pushcarts are called "paleteros".

While I have never heard the word "paleteria" used, I would assume that it is a store where paletas are sold (or possibly the cart from which they are sold), or the factory where they are made. Or, maybe the Hispanic equivalent of an Ice Cream or Sweet Shop.
The word could well be in 300 point type on the side of each cart, I never noticed because I was too busy negotiating with the paletero for all the paletas that would fit in my freezer!

I prefer the 100% fruit palatas sin leche (without milk), especially piña (pineapple).

Re: vocab

The word could well be in 300 point type on the side of each cart -- It is, at least aound here.

Re: vocab

Can't help thinking there is a bit of connection with ice cream parlors, or the the products of ice palaces. Thus, you know, the goods from the ice palace, paleteria, ice creams and frozen treats in general.

Re: vocab

I was thinking palate instead of palace.

Re: vocab

There are those little dishes of sorbet called palate cleansers served between courses at banquets. Hmm.

Re: vocab

You good. I had to take a walk to remember the term.

That subtle kind of racism

When I was healthy (or at least healthier) and lived in a third floor walk up by Custer and South Blvd. here in Evanston, when I heard the bells of a paletero ringing his bells, I would pull on my pants and run down the stairs to score some paletas. I don't know what routes they walk, or how far into Evanston they go. I assumed that the ones that came up Custer from Rogers Park (a Chicago neighbourhood--for any out of towners reading this) would go as far as Main St. (were there is a Mexican restaurant) and then go over to the lakefront to hit the parks on their way South again. I don't recall seeing a paletero North of Main.
Some time ago, there was a letter in the "Evanston Review" complaining about the "noise" and disturbance of the paleteros' bells. I should have written back asking why this person never complained about the insipid music played (much more loudly) by the (much more prevalent) ice cream trucks, but it was pretty obvious (Hispanics on foot vs caucasians in motor vehicles). Some times Evanston really upsets me.

And that not so subtle kind

I'm not much of a voter in local elections but there's a guy in Wheeling who I will always get out to vote against.

About 10 years ago we got a fancy aquatic center. He was agin it 'cuz blacks would come up from the south side to use it. My feeling was/is anyone who wants to trek up here just o use the pool is nuts but probably harmless. It should come as no surprise that this guy (Steve Telow, maybe he wrote the 'Review' as well) ran David Dukes local presidential campaign.

However, your guy may have railed against the vans with their damn never ending "Turkey in the Straw" in a separate letter.

Re: And that not so subtle kind

Interesting. I grew up near DC and broke a lot of rules by having a few black friends. I also had Jewish, Armenian, Pakistani and Chinese friends and they were all isolated in their own ways. Most of the parents were OK with it. The Chinese parents seemed to be the hardest hurdle but it was the black parents that were the most flat-out nervous.

I think I got the biggest kick out of the Chinese though. Those people act all proper and polite but they are in reality some of the noisiest and goofy families you could ever want to meet.

Re: And that not so subtle kind

For no discernible reason this reminds me of an anecdote I, though perhaps no one else, think is mildly amusing. WHen I was in 4 th grade we had an assignment to do creative writing about the Donner Party (What was up with that?). I put in a 'damn' or two for authenticity though, at that time, I would never say such a thing. I went to the bathroom and when I came back everyone was staring at me. My friend Cathy (Wong -- thus the connection) had read my story to herself but out loud.

Re: And that not so subtle kind

The Donner Party in the fourth grade? Someone was fond of a good yarn.

Re: And that not so subtle kind

Does sound about right on the Cathy Wong connection though.

So, have you tasted the goods yet?

Not yet. Haven't seen him since.

Tragically hit by a bus.