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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Wonky Photo of My New Do and Many Orts

Notice my new icon pimping Hitler and the Hanyous? I tried to have it say Hitler und der in blackletter (Hanyous was in another font with a vaguely asian look) but it just wasn't legible.

Not a good picture of what I've been wearing but here I am with my Freedom braid:

Here is my new do:

Anyways, it goes with my natural wave so it's wash and wear. I was successfully sold product but I actually like the look better without. The only problem is hair going in my eyes.

As a lagniappe, here are Evil and Boo cavorting in the laundry basket this morning:


More Evil

Evil and Boo, who will get the basket?

The Winner! Actually, Evil got bored and wandered off.

Another simple pleasure meme:

Write 10 of life's simple pleasures that you like the most then pick 56 people to do the same. Here are mine (btw: if you get the sense that I'm lazy and like to drink, you're very perceptive:):

In no particular order:

  • Non-spam email. Snail Mail is even better.

  • Driving on a hilly, windy road on a beautiful day when there isn't much traffic.

  • Early Saturday morning, hot tea, no company except the cats and no rush getting ready for the day.

  • Listening to pilgham and MD's verbal riffs.

  • Watching anime with pilgham.

  • MD coming along to pick me up at the airport without having her arm twisted.

  • Boo snuggling up in the night and not giving me big wet kitty kisses.

  • The occasional binge (candy, champagne, whatever)

  • An alert for one of my favorite stories.

  • Having a task at work that is within my capabilities but goes beyond monkey work.

I tag you, Pikachu! And anyone else who desires tagging.

So, yesterday, MD was saying we should buy some easter candy and we were going to see Narnia at the budget cinema. Well, Narnia ended Thursday so we went to our friendly neighborhood, non Blockbuster and rented Chronicles of Narnia, The Corpse Bride, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Thumbs up to both HP and Bride but I was damn glad we weren't watching Narnia at the cinema. Our snarking would have been much too inhibited.

My favorite character was the evil dwarf.with the unpronounceable name.

5 Ways in which Narnia sucked (it's been awhile since I read the book. Some of these may apply to it as well):

1. Mr. Tumnus' ears did not move. Hadn't these people ever seen The Tick or a goat?
2. Lamest wolves evah! How could they not catch 2 elderly beavers and a human six year old on the ground? They must have been the old, fat, doughnut eating secret police.
3. 4 incredibly unappealing main characters. 5 minutes in and I was ready to spank them all.
4. Very unimpressive plan of battle on the "good" side. At least as filmed, they only won because.
5. Did I mention those brats were really annoying?

On the upside I was massively inspired for HH.

Mood: contentIt's Sunday!!!!

Ha! My kids debated watching Narnia or HP/GoF tonight and they opted for Risk instead. Small world. I still havn't seen Narnia. Might get around to it eventually....

I watched GOF while I did the laundry this morning. I was ahead on my TV 'cuz no Daily SHow and no Colbert and Sunday morning I do the laundry and catch up on my telly while I have peace from MD and Pilgham.

like the 'do.

Thank you.

I like the highlights! Adds a little something extra.

And you forgot the fact that Tumnus seemed a little to chummy with the 10 year old Lucy (or whatever age she was). His smile was just creepy. And Corpse Bride is on my list of things to watch. Was very disappointed when plans to go see it kept falling through.

It's sweet of you call them highlights; its the gray.

Yeah on Tumnus, but I put that down to him not being familiar with her species and then planning to sell her to the Queen.

Oooh, like the hair. And the cat. That is one big kitty. Interestingly, my sister in law tried to talk me into naming my cat Evil. I named her Morgan.

They are both quite sizable but Boo is relatively svelte. Evil puddles.

Morgan is an evil name. Our cats before Evil and Buddha were named Molly and Roger. I like Evil better. WHat is your dimunitive for Morgan? We say Evilkins and Evil-weevily and others.

Nice 'do.

'Evil' truly suits her name...man, what a Death Glare!

Hubby, myself and son saw 'Narnia'...tall male liked special effects, small male grooved on battle scenes. Will make both of them read the original book so they'll understand why the movie was so lacking.

Agree heartily with Desire to Spank the four brats. I strained something from rolling my eyes so much.

Actually, they are both very sweet tempered. Evil gives all kinds of warnings before finally resorting to violence, at least towards humans. Boo just gets a clout.

I need to reread the book. I read it about a million times a while, a long while, back but 30 years may have changed my point of view. I remember the wolves not catching the Pevensey's and the Beavers in the book but I don't recall if it was so much open ground.

The special effects were OK, but on that ear thing at least Tumnus and the centaur general guy should have had mobile ears. They could have gotten an incredible amount of bang for the buck with that.

*pets new hair* Oo, ah, Your new hairdo is lovely and you can tell Plgham I said so.

I was hoping for better from Narnia as well. What I liked most about the first book as a kid were the touching scenes with Aslan and the girls, but watching the movie it seemed it all was thrown at you rather suddenly. Why should those kids care about Narnia anyway? didn't like the petty arguments in the beginning either.

::Stares, puzzled, at "Gray" pats own "Silver" strands:: (There, italics)

Is that your idea of cavorting?

Evil is a generously sized kitty. She doesn't cavort as energetically as a slimmer kitty, such as Boo, might.

Boo found the mother lode of curling ribbon while we were watching Narnia and had to get it out to show Evil. She was quite envious.

Told ya it wasn't the best film!!!! OK, but I've seen better...

I actually found the elf guy quite annoying and cheered when Susan finally did SOMETHING with her bow and arrows (pretty damn good shot for only recently receiving them :P ) and took him out.

Seeing a beaver in armor was hilarious :P

And the music was ok. However, overly-dramatic music can only do so much in a camera-sweep-across-the-landscape-while-your-heroes-are-walking when the heroes in question are a bunch of kids and two beavers. Quite odd.

I loved that dawrf. You (I) could tell he was snarking up his sleeve at the lot of them and he had the best dialogue, "Come and get your num-nums". OK that was better in context.

I put it way below OK.