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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Interview Meme

Comment in this post and I will ask you five questions about yourself. Post the answers, and ask people to comment in your post for the same treatment.

Questions courtesy of kroki_refur:

1. What is your favourite place in the world?
It must be right here with you guys. *sniff* *sniff* I love you guys.

This is a poser because I don't know how specific I should be. It'd be somewhere with a moderate climate so I wouldn't have frost bitten vittles and so pilgham wouldn't melt in the summer. I like Seattle pretty well. It's pretty and I don't really mind the rain. On the other hand, New Jersey seems quite nice.

2. Tell me one thing you regret about your life so far.
I regret being the lazy ass I am. Two of my best buddies in HS and college were Mary Meyer. and Pam Logan. I don't think either is necessarily smarter than I am but they have doctorates and I don't. I admit that the ideas of writing papers on statistics, teaching and trekking around Nepal all leave me pretty damn cold but those are goals they set and attained.

On the other hand, I've been with the same man, whom I love, for 25 years and I enjoy my life. I'm content.

3. What does your username mean?
Google it. Umm never mind; all that comes up is me.

Before I got into anime I was heavily into Asian cinema and I'm still an enormous Jet Li fan. At that time, I bought a new car. I could get a personalized plate for the same cost as a regular plate if the last character was a digit. This gave me 6 characters to say I Love Hong Kong cinema:


It didn't work. There was nothing I could put that would be interpretable so I went with the acronym of Once Upon a Time in China which a true afficionado would recognize. Technically, I should really be WFH but no one would get that, particularly with the vast number of systems used to romanize Chinese. Anyways, there are 6 movies so I picked lucky number 7.

OK, license plate received and people often asked me about it including toll takers. It's mysterious. So I started using it on-line.

4. Which historical period would you most like to experience?
A future one. I like hot water and sanitation.

5. Do you prefer reading or writing?
As mentioned in number 3, I'm a lazy ass so reading, of course. Perusing my wee little oeuvre bears this out.

Also, got my hair cut. Will post phots later but I'm pretty happy.

Mood: contentIt's Saturday!!!!

Haha! I got link billing - what a kick.
First of all, there's nothing wrong with being lazy ... especially if it means trading statistics for a man you love and the time to read. Secondly, I've been to both - go to Seattle. Thirdly, I TOTALLY with you on the future thing. Hot water, sanitation and flying cars are a definite requirement for happiness i my book. ;-)

Link billing was to soothe you for reading the same story a second time.

For me it wouldn't have been statistics. It would have been more computer science-y. Of course, I'm only 45. I could still get a doctorate. Heck, even a masters would be useful at work. Or reading up on the current technologies...

but still ... work vs. love. no contest.

Interesting. Totally agree about the time period -- I've never quite understood why people want to live in the past. Would never have guessed the username. And I too am surrounded by people with PhDs (but actually that just makes me respect them less ;) ).

OK, now ask me. *waves hand in the air*

Isn't this recursive?

Oh, well, here goes:

1. Just who is the Prof and what is he a Prof of?

2. What's your favorite place?

3. Why SeaQuest?

4. What do you like best about your body?

5. If 42 didn't exist, what would be the Ultimate Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything?

She gets two? True, she is sort of mysterious.

Only 1 is from me. And I am nosey.

I think the idea is that everybody gets to interview everybody else. Speaking of which, I must now come up with questions to plumb the very depths of your mystery...

AccK! I wasn't expecting the Spanish Inquisition!

Seattle is OK. I wouldn't mind living in New England; global warming will only improve the climate.

Mysteries of the Universe solved: Ouatic-7's online name. Now I can die content.

Agree on the historical era; not everyone was a princess, and noble poverty only looks good when someone is writing a musical about it.

Noboy ever asked me except alterfano and then refur so I figured you all had Googled it.

I'm glad it was a mystery. I hope the actual explanation wasn't a let down.

I just assumed you were strange.

Not much of an assumption...

It seemed safe.

I still think it's cool, despite being wrong about the assumed sci-fi connection. 'Ouatic-7'...kind of has a 'Trekker' vibe.

But Trek is so last Millenium.

*chortles* Mentally, so am I.

hey, that's a great idea. InuYasha - The Musical!

I think it's nice that you didnt' have much to regret. Being content with your lot is underrated. Your friend Mary had an intense stare, made it seem like she wanted to bite you. You aren't a lazy LJer!

LJ is actually a work avoidance technique. 'I have to check LJ before I X'.

Isn't it surprising how long it takes to reply to a few comments? I love LJ, but it does help me avoid many things, whether I mean to or not (like showering!)