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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Announcing Ouatic-7's England and Scotland Trip Contest*

I have received my passport.

I expect MD's any day now.

pilgham has not yet applied for his.

I have already purchased 3 plane tickets. In the event pilgham is unable to perform his marital and paternal duties due to not being able to leave the country I am seeking a backup companion.

The winner must have a valid passport and be able to travel in June. Masculinity is not required. Please write a paragraph as to why you would be the ideal traveling companion for MD and I.

Edit: The itinerary includes London, Bath, Carlisle, Edinburgh, and Kirkwall.

* Contest is null and void on all continents.

I've been infected:

Rec-Go-Round: Rec me one story you've written that you're proud of, any genre, here on my LJ. Then go forth and ask the same in yours.

Edit: I watched American Idol fdor the first time ever this evening. I heard at work that it was Queen night and I am the Queen afficionado so I gave it a shot. It was vaguely interesting to watch once but I don't need to again. I expected Simon Cowell to be snarkier than he was but maybe he had less scope because of being out of the tryouts.

Nobody sang any of my favorite Queen songs.


I would make an excellent traveling companion. I get pretty loud when I drink, tend to wander off thereby giving you plenty of time to yourself, plus I speak English almost as well as a native speaker. (it is my native tongue after all).

Now if I could just find my passport.

A rec - gosh, I think you've read all of my stories.

I like to do my sightseeing first thing in the morning hoping to avoid crows. How are you at early rising?

Actually, I'm not a bit bothered by crows. It's crowds I try to avoid.

I am genial and used to dealing with new situations. A good traveler, I can make my way in several foreign languages. I am not picky and am capable of entertaining myself and suffer from no need to talk constantly.

I can hold by drink like a gentleman and sing like a lark if the case need be. I can also operate a left-handed drive and read signs in Britain. Besides, you know me, it would be a blast.

Fic rec: My fic, Izayoi Genkai on FFnet that is such a labor of love and nobody loves it back on account of its non-fic style.

Sounds good. How are you on the early rising to see the Standing Stones before they've all been used up?

Oh, hell. Why don't we all go?

That's the plot!

There's an idea. I'd have to rent a bigger car than I had planned...

Um...Reasons Why You Should Take Fenik (moi)

I already know where all the best pubs are located in every destination except Carlisle and Kirkwall...and would be happy to help you research the others.

You may have room in my suitcase. I don't think our clothes will get mixed up.

Can't afford another trip. Just spent $250 on sushi at dinner tonight. But it was gooooood.

Rec-I think you've read all my stuff, so I don't have anything to rec you. At least you've commented on all but one of them. You're one of my best fans - or at leat you fake it well..and it is way appreciated!

Idol: never seen it, never plan to. Prefer the original Freddie Mercury.

I hadn't planned to either but it was mildly amusing.


Hmmm. Why should you pick me? Damn, that's a good question. Okay,I have French blood, which allows me to look down my nose at people in disdain at their proninciation and sip wine like a snob. Something better? Alright, because I'll never bring Watcher back if you don't? What? Not good enough. Darn. Okay, how about this, I'll carry your bags and pack and unpack them and basically be your silent, smiling handmaiden during the trip.

And I promise my kids will be really quiet. You only have to buy two more tickets, and they don't take up much room.

Hey, where are you going!

No recs, because I have nothing posted. ^_^

Hmmm, not sure I want some Frog rifling through my personal items and snarking them. Also, I fear the constant smiling might be detrimental to your health and I certainly don't want to be the object of one of your rants.

However, if you can act normal, you and the kids are in. I don't know what pilgham is gonna say when he hears we have to rent a bus. Maybe it will have a driver. That would be damn convenient.

Sorry, that anon was me above. Don't know why I wasnt logged in. Want me to come now?