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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Mrs. Higurashi Has Big News: "The Boys"

The "Boys"
By Ouatic-7 (ff . net)
AKA Okaasan-7 (mm . org)

"My sweet!" mimicked Inuyasha. "What's your game, Asshole? You better not hurt Kagome's family!"

"Puppy, I, Sesshoumaru, protected your woman and the Shikon shards while you were sulking in the past, else she would be long dead and the jewel never completed."

"I never caught your stink when I was here," challenged Inuyasha.
"Your deficiencies are no concern of mine."

"Anyway, treat Kagome's Mom right or I will give you Tetsusaiga where the Sun don't shine!"
"Cease your posturing, Inuyasha. I, Sesshoumaru, can recognize a gem, regardless of its setting."

Inuyasha responded, feebly, "Uh, the old man's living with you."

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Author's Notes:
Not much humor here. I was going for fluff. I wanted to show Inuyasha's affection for Kagome's family and that Sesshoumaru actually loves Mrs. Higurashi and this is not a sudden thing. 

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Odd, you said this was the least humorous. I disagree.