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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Mrs. Higurashi Has Big News: In the Kitchen with Kagome and Mrs. Higurashi

In the Kitchen with Kagome and Mrs. Higurashi
By Ouatic-7 (ff.net)
AKA Okaasan-7 (mm.org)

"Mom, how do you know Sesshoumaru?" asked Kagome.

"He was keeping an eye on the shrine; waiting for you."

"Why would he do that?"

"Sesshoumaru defended the jewel from modern demons to preserve the balance of power. When you started junior high, Sesshoumaru's most devoted retainer infiltrated the school."

"Oh. I wonder why I never noticed one of the teachers was a demon," said Kagome.

"Not a teacher, a student," said Mrs. Higurashi. "You remember that nice boy, Hojo?"

"No! So that's why the weird presents...," exclaimed Kagome.

"Yes," said Mrs. Higurashi, "Hojo is just a disguise for Master Jaken."

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Author's Notes:
I just love the idea of poor, old, grumpy Jaken having to masquerade as a junior high kid. You gotta feel for the guy. But, doesn't it explain why he's so fixated on Kagome? Whatever Sesshoumaru-sama wants, Sesshoumaru-sama gets.

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