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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
What was that word?

I used a word last night that pilgham didn't know. To be clear,here, pilgham never accused me of making it up but you know, especially if you've been reading my LJ, my mind is going so I doubted myself.

I wasn't mentally spelling it right but it is a perfectly valid word that I was using correctly.

The word: elide

Confidentially, I think he fell in love with me because when he was talking about "fetes" I understood.


You mean you were ducking away from pursuit? But why?

Actually, we were discussing Dangerous Curves.

Celebratory parties are good. I'm all for 'em!

Who doesn't? But I'm sure he was making some fun cuz he's a very punny guy.

pun! pun! pun! not fun!

Had to look it up so you'll never have to worry about leaving Plgham alone around me. I think I met someone named Elide once.

Remember, if you make a successful play for my man you also get my brat. Now, I dote on the little monster but the serpent's tooth has got nothing on her.

A useful word, though I prefer lacuna, if only because it sounds oddly tropical (which is just what you need when discussing manuscripts...).

Oh, and btw, did you mean fetes as in yearly jumble-sale-cum-party events attended by the whole village? Because if so, I'm interested to hear that word isn't common in the US (I used to attend them frequently during my Northern English childhood).

Hmmm. Elide. I learned something new today. Now, I await an opportunity to use it and impress casual bystanders.

Sounds like it might sound a bit shifty to me.

Teach it to your son. That will really impress the bystanders!

In my defense (brit. defence), I thought she said "allied". You may have a similar problem.

Well, it's not that P didn't know it, it's that he forgot. I remember learning the word in high school English class--and he was there (Mrs. Todd, sophomore year).

Ah, so it isn't just me losing my mind in my old age. He is also afflicted.