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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
A Religious Question

Chili, beans or no?

I'm not a big meat eater so I say beans yes but they have to be pinto beans. Kidney beans are an abomination not fit for man nor beast.

Also, as I said, I don't really care for meat so I prefer ground rather than chunks.


i am not much of a bean eater, so i go with meat, however, if beans must be used, i, too, perfer to use pinto than kidney.
Now i will tell you this. When it came to making chili in myhousehold when i was growing up, you could not eat it due to it being to spicey. You see, mom would cook it. then let cook real slow. Dad would come by later, when no one was looking and insist that no one has yet to add any chili powder. (Mom did) Then my brother would do the same thing, followed by me. It was not our intention to make it hot, but it came out that way...hehehehehehehehehe

Oh, it's easy for you to challenge me when you know I'll never get a chance to pass the test but remember I may have been born in Milwaukee but I grew up in Texas and S. California. Now, I'm old and my tongue is e.ven more jaded.

I love beans. Veggie chili is nice.

BTW, someone writing into the IYFG posted a few working (supposedly, haha) links to AFF.net.

The first one definitely works:


but is a read only.

The other:


Wait, looks like I got them mixed up! Well, try both if interested.

Apparently I'm forbidden from the archive; must be too young or something.

Only members of the AARP are granted reliable access AFF.net now.

religion is not for the meek

Sure, beans or no beans, thats a tough question... or is it?

Of course being from Milwaukee you should realize that the real question is Elbow macaroni or no. Being from the Melts Lake region of wisconsin, my family gobbed in elbow macaroni. My Milwaukee family also seemed to have this defect.

I say Pinto beans are fine in chili, but should be added after the chili is cooked, in the bottom of the bowel.

someone mentioned VEGITARIAN CHILI? Chili made from vegitarians? certainly you can not mean meatless chili?

This person should obtain for themselves a dictionary. Chili is either a word that refers to the peppers commonly called shili peppers, or its short for chili con carne. Their suggestion would then be 'Chili Con Carne sin carne' which I suggest is just foolish and silly.

That leads me to another question, if vegitarians have such a problem with meat, why must they continue eating in the standard omnivore idiom? They make vegan hot dogs, vegan hamburgers, vegan chili con carne, even vegan breakfast sausage. they should flee this model all together and live without the pretext of "its as good as a real hamburger". This constant desire to turn grazing matter into meat simply says, vegetation is a poor second to the meaty goodness of meat.

Common, lets all encourage them to break away from the meaty trap and be free. Lets ban all such fake sounding food names (like vegan chili) forever.

Well, thats my uninformed opinion on your question. The unwanted rant I give you for free, as a reminder of why everyone is just as happy that I live 2000 miles away!

Re: religion is not for the meek

Perhaps vegan hotdogs, hamburgers, etc are not actually intended for vegans to eat but are intended as gateway foods that vegans serve omni/carnivores in an attempt to lead the omni/carnivores to the dark side?

Re: religion is not for the meek

Also, I left Milwaukee at 10 months old, long before I could be tempted by such abominations as macaroni in chili, not that my parents would have ever served me such a horrid thing.

Re: religion is not for the meek

I have been challenged!

Look here, you can make your own 'wickedly good veggie chili':


But really, don't make that. I just put it in for the name. The textured veg protein sounds downright scary to me. A good veggie chili (in my opinion) has a variety of beans, is highly spiced and corn, bell pepper and onion thrown in for bulk.

What about canned chili? Does anyone eat canned chili around here?

Re: religion is not for the meek

You may be right about the hamburgers and hotdogs. We had vegetarian sausages when I was a kid, but we used to call them "english sausages".

I don't see anything wrong with vegetarian chili, as long it actually has chilies in it. I've had chili that tasted like meat and tomato soup.


can you tell me how to receive Japanese televsion? I would like to receive it.

Re: question

I imagine you could receive Japanese TV if you had a satellite dish.

However, if you are talking about subtitled anime that has not been released in this country yet, check out this link:


It will explain about Bit Torrent clients and stuff as well as having links to download trackers and stuff. This is the method I use.

the skin from kidney beans could well choke you.

Kidney beans are too crunchy. SO are garbanzos.

Don't get me started on bagels

Chili was originally poor people’s food. As the names imply “chili” was chili peppers and beans; “chili con carne” was chili with meat (if you could afford it). Later, the gringos appropriated the seasonings (more or less), but were wealthy enough to leave the beans out altogether, but still called it chili (rather than, what, “chili de solamente carne” or some other neologism?)
Similarly with fajitas. Originally made with the cheapest (and toughest) cut of meat, skirt steak (the diaphragm muscle of the cow), it was meat that some of the poor people could afford. Because it was so tough, it had to be marinated and cut thin across the grain. But because it was tasty, the wealthy gringos appropriated it, and the price of skirt steak skyrocketed, even though the gringos frequently used sirloin—which is not what fajitas are supposed to be made of!