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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
I Feel Productive! Oh So Productive!

Remember a couple weeks ago when I wasted a whole day trying to get the wireless router connected? Ta Da! And it's behind the firewall, hooked up the way I wanted to to begin with. This means pilgham can have internet even when MD and I are online which was iffy before. It also means I can make this entry while sitting in my family room watching Monk on Tivo which I couldn't do before.

Also MD and I went to the Post Office this morning and applied for our passports.

And, in order to clear room to open up the server to put the new cards in, I cleared part of my desk. This had the happy side effect that my scanner is almost uncovered so I'll actually be able to use it!


isn't it cool to have a wireless router. :D

It's a router but it isn't actually routing because we have a wired network as well. We are just using it as an access point. THat's what was giving me so much grief two weeks ago.

But yes, it's tres cool. Of course, I am now on my good old desk top with full size keyboard and fancy,pshmancy office chair that's like sitting on a cloud -- but I don't have to be!

It is but now when I pour coffee out of the thermos, the shower runs cold. Damn bluetooth.

Well, you could switch to beer or wine. If nothing else, the alcohol might distract you from the shower temperature (and help you with those all-important hypothermia goals).

But he's not in the shower when he's pouring coffee. I am! Pilgham just needs the booze to distract himself from my blood curdling scream and the knowledge of the retribution about to be visited upon him.

Ah, how well I remember peacfully scrubbing dishes in the kitchen sink (back in the days when the kids were too small to do them) and haveing a dripping wet male arm reach past me to firmly turn off the faucet. He didn't bother yelling, being more of a direct action kind of guy in those days.