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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
I Feel Productive! Oh So Productive!

Remember a couple weeks ago when I wasted a whole day trying to get the wireless router connected? Ta Da! And it's behind the firewall, hooked up the way I wanted to to begin with. This means pilgham can have internet even when MD and I are online which was iffy before. It also means I can make this entry while sitting in my family room watching Monk on Tivo which I couldn't do before.

Also MD and I went to the Post Office this morning and applied for our passports.

And, in order to clear room to open up the server to put the new cards in, I cleared part of my desk. This had the happy side effect that my scanner is almost uncovered so I'll actually be able to use it!


You lie. You cleared enough desk space to put more junk on it and put the scanner on the Kleenex-less Kleenex boxes. Not all of us are fooled by this sort of ploy.

What I don't get is that we have a printer/scanner that has been working for months. We now have two scanners? Is somebody missing one?

That could be. There was the corner of something that was pointed out in a photograph much like the first step of the lost tomb of Akhenaten. More than that I would not venture to say except that it was some time ago.

It's a pain using the brother as a scanner because you have to save to Jeeves and the software for the HP is much nicer.

I am guilty of many things but the Kleenex-less Kleenex boxes are all pilgham's.

Pilgham uses Kleenex boxes with cabbage roses on them? How broad-minded. Not that himself...well, face it, himself uses rolls of toilet paper he filches from the bathroom. Not always our bathroom.

Reading Chapt 58 of FMA, lovely stupid and unlikely angst.

He does the grocery shopping and if he finds cabbage rose boxes the least objectionable, who am I to say him nay?

Actually I get complaints because I tend to pick boxes with neat patterns and ignore the fact that the stuff inside is a bit more like wrapping paper-type tissue than kleenex-type tissue.

My office does not have stealable toilet paper.

Is "stealable" a word? "Untag" is not a word, apparently.

How could the toilet paper at your office be theft-proof? (I'm not sure that's a real term either, but I've seen it in some ads) You show little ambition. Spin it off of the rolls and wad it into your pockets and claim you need to go straight home because you need to see your wife.

I think he means it's about the same consistency as the wax paper they use at bakeries to pick up pastries. Nobody sane would steal it.

You folks have toilet paper issues. I have Q-tip issues. Someone used the last one and all I have is an empty box.

Actually, maybe I have empty box issues. I want all my boxes full of nice things, damnit!

I suppose to make the story more convincing, you wouldn't stuff it in the pockets...

Now, that was funny!

*picturing leather clad rockers from the 70s with something stuffed down the front of their pants and suspecting it was something like rolled up toilet paper*

A pocket is one thing, but once down the pants, it should NOT go back on the bathroom counter again.