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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
I Feel Productive! Oh So Productive!

Remember a couple weeks ago when I wasted a whole day trying to get the wireless router connected? Ta Da! And it's behind the firewall, hooked up the way I wanted to to begin with. This means pilgham can have internet even when MD and I are online which was iffy before. It also means I can make this entry while sitting in my family room watching Monk on Tivo which I couldn't do before.

Also MD and I went to the Post Office this morning and applied for our passports.

And, in order to clear room to open up the server to put the new cards in, I cleared part of my desk. This had the happy side effect that my scanner is almost uncovered so I'll actually be able to use it!


Which episode of Monk are you watching?

And I'm wowed that you finally cleared that desk.

The jury one. They need to write a climax episode that involves people from the whole season; if the whole thing is contained in an hour, it's too easy to guess what was going on (of course, they basically gave the whole thing away half-way through anyway.)

It's been easier to guess this season. And actually, it's not always difficult - it's more of a 'fun' sort of show, don't you think. The wacky characters are fun.

Oh, so it's not just me? I couldn't decide if it was the trading in of Sharona for someone more milque-toasty. (And please, working stiffs who are secretly rich? So done with that on TV.)

I was sad to see Sharona go, I think many were. She's great and it'd even be nice to see Bitty Schram in a new role somewhere. I hate to say it, but maybe she should have waited a few more seasons before she laid on the 'heavy' for a raise from USA. I can't say she was greedy though, because she may have been underpaid in the first place.

Natalie has finally grown on me. She seemed so stiff and annoying at first. I suppose if they do make her a 'love interest' in the end, she might make a more believable one. And now Randy's up and coming, haha.

It's a relative thing. But at least the scanner is accessible.

it's a relative thing

What ep is that?

sorry, ignore that comment.