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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Blub... Blub... Blub...

Is it just me or is the response time, when a page does load, at AFF even suckier than before?


It's awful. But I also heard that they were getting massive hit count now that it's back up, plus spring break. Smut addicts, the lot of them.

I can't get it to come up at all today. Not even the page where you state you are 'of age'.

Most of the time the pages don't even load for me. I just get the error message. They claim they are getting over 130,000 hits per hour on their page and it is overloading the servers. The site is down again for more "upgrades and changes". So, yes, it sucks.

That's what I heard as well. What's normal, like 20,000 hits per hour?

Still, it seems like it would have calmed down after several weeks have passed. Maybe there's another problem.