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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Only Mildly Ashamed

pilgham decided to go to Border's this AM to pick up a new copy of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. It's not that we don't have a copy it's that we don't know where it is*. Anyway, he needs it to refresh his memory for Hitler and the Hanyous. Me, too. But we left way too early for our local store so he stopped at McDonald's for breakfast. Apparently, pilgham is not only quite the frequent customer but they had been speculating on his personal life as the cashier nods at me and says, "Is that your wife?" in a friendly, perhaps too friendly, way.

Afterwards, pilgham remarked, "I should have said it was our anniversary."

* You know those letters to the advice columnists, "My son is marrying a slob who never cleans; what can I do?"

I'm that woman. No, not the prospective MIL, the slattern. (However, I don't believe my MIL has ever written to the paper about me unless for birth announcements for MD.)

I can sew but I don't do it anymore except for the occasional Halloween costume.

I can cook. I'm not a great cook, or even a good one. I don't taste for seasonings and I'm not creative (I only make up recipes on accident -- like the cumin rye rolls) but I can follow directions. I don't cook much. You have to do it every day. What's up with that? and it never takes as long to eat as it takes to make.

Don't get me started on cleaning. Sure, I wash the dishes with some regularity and scoop the litterbox every day but beyond that, no. It's boring. It's wasteful of effort because you just have to repeat it. Cleaning is much more enjoyable when you let the mess pile up enough so that you can make a visible dent. Or take our shower, I won't include a picture because I don't want any one to lose a recent meal, it's disgusting. However, this morning I cleaned great wodges of gunky hair out of the shower track. I have a great sense of accomplishment. I wouldn't have this feeling if I'd been cleaning the shower track every week, or even every year.

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Afterwards, pilgham remarked, "I should have said it was our anniversary."

You guys crack me up! Thanks.

Oh, and the cooking taking longer than it does to eat? I am so with you on that.

He cracks me up. That's why I married him.

Also a slattern.

We should start a community where other slatterns can embrace there slobhood.

I think we might actually be related in some way. Except I don't even usually manage the dishes unless I have nothing clean left to eat off.

You live in europe; you probably have to wash them by hand. I never wash dishes by hand. There's a sake cup and flash that have been sitting on the dishwasher (in other words, waiting to be washed) for over a year. However, I didn't drink the sake and I told pilgham it was his responsibility.

I make my kids do my dishes. But I have been known to empty the trash when it overflows our 39 gallon can onto the floor.

The trash and recycling are MD's jobs so I summon her when things start to follow off the top of the trash.

"fall" not "follow"

Sometimes I wonder if I need to see a neurologist 'cuz what comes out of the fingers isn't what I sent down from the brain.

Let's see, you only wash every other day - if we're lucky - and you don't clean...I'd better stop now.

I showered today and it's not like I'm inviting you over to eat off our floor. I said we would take you out, emphasis on the out, if you ever came into town.

Good grief, we think alike! I totally agree with you on the cooking and cleaning stuff. I don't think I've turned on my oven since my daughter got married three years ago. And she came over recently and asked when was the last time I dusted. I told her dusting was for crops. ~_^

My daughter commends me on my slovenliness for she knows if Mama has to clean, she has to clean as well.

*laughs* I am so thinking of Jeff Foxworthy right now!

"Can you super-size them fries for the little lady here? *sheepish grin through the drive-thru window* It's our anniversary!"

I can't cook squat. I have potential to be an awesome cook, but I don't have the patience for it. Takes too long. My husband's an AWESOME cook, when he's in the mood to cook, lol.

When the place starts to look messy, I clean, though I can NEVER clean "show home" well enough, no matter how hard I try. It's frustrating, 'cause my husband and son have a knack for demolishing the place within hours after it's clean, which makes cleaning kinda pointless. *sigh* When my husband's in a cleaning mood, he really cleans! I'm a cluttered person and he does a good job of eliminating that...

Tyler put his toys away yesterday. It was so, SO adorable. Then, after he was finished, he grabbed the box that he put all his toys in and dumped all the contents to the floor, an evil grin plastered on his face. Meh.

I tested out as Lust. Cool.

You have the excuse of a toddler for being messy.