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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Something New For Me

I actually have an urge for yaoi fanfic; nothing graphic just romantic. I want Tenma/Grimmer but Tenma/Nina/Grimmer would be good, too. Unfortunately, neither MediaMiner or Fanfiction.net have a Monster category.

Ya see, I keep mentioning Monster but I never really said what's so good about it...Probably because I can't describe it.

Anyways, I'm up to epsiode 50 and around ep 40 they introduced Wolfgang Grimmer:

Grimmer left Kinderheim 511 at the age of 14 which puts him in his mid-40s. (the show takes place in the late 90s). All he remembers of the orphange is watching The Magnificent Steiner, about a guy with a secret friend who rescues him when he's unconscious, on telly. This was some sort of brainwashing because Grimmer now turns into a berserker when seriously threatened. Another side effect of Kinderheim 511 is his emotions are turned off or dialed way down, like a Vulcan. He almost always smiles but he keeps asking Tenma if he (Grimmer) is reacting correctly.

When the show starts Tenma is a Japanese neuro-surgeon with a bright future ahead of him in Germany:

He has a father and brother in Japan who he never contacts or vice versa and he claims to have cheated in med school but he's just the nicest guy you'd ever want to meet.

Now he's on the lam for murdering elderly couples throughout Germany except we know it was really Johan, another product of Kinderheim 511. Tenma blames himself for saving Johan's life 10 years ago when Johan was a boy and already a murderer, though Tenma didn't know that at the time.

Anyways, I just think Grimmer and Tenma go well together and I'd like to read that pairing.


S-o-o-o, you want to compount their problems or just bring them together because they understand each other. huh.

I take it MD is on the rag. Daughter #1 had that happen last week at work. She ended up at home too. But she just wanted to be let alone.

That was my first thought but she wasn't keeping the gingerale down last night and gad a fever.


Tsk. I trust she stopped the vomiting at least?

Oh, look, clean temp files turns a cat into a mouse.

She was still throwing up at about 10 last night but I haven't heard a peep out of her since I got up about an hour and a half ago. Until just now but that was a sneeze.

I'm about to call her in.

What a nice mommy.

Well, I get to use one of my sick days staying home without being sick and without feeling guilty.

It's a pity I was in the middle of a thought when she phoned to pick her up yesterday. Hopefully, I will comprehend what I wroote when I see it tomorrow.

If you got part of it written down, you are ahead of the game.

I don't think many will survive the last episode and I just think it would be nice if they could have some happy moments before then.

Aww, how sweet of you. Sounds to me "happy" does not feature in this story. I'm usually OK with everybody dying so long as everybody is miserable so that it's best to make a clean sweep.