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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Movie Rec: The Calamari Wrestler

I watched The Calamari Wrestler this afternoon. As far as I am concerned, it is the best movie evah about a giant squid becoming a professional wrestler. My family is dubious but I'm pretty sure it was made as a comedy.

I picked mine up at Best Buy so it's worth checking your local video store.

The Galaxy Railways

Only watch this with a mob because it will take several of you to give it the thorough snarking it deserves. Watched the first disk and will not rent more.

The Gokusen

I love this. It's about a young woman fulfilling her dream of becoming a teacher while concealing her position as heir to a yakuza clan. Yeah, I always go for the high concept but I like the characters and I like the way she and the other female teacher at the all boy, all JD school are drawn. Our heroine, Kumiko, is drawn neither plain nor pretty and flat as a board. The other teacher is very voluptuous but in the round sort of way that implies she's a bit fond of her food; regardless she's a very nice woman.

Kaze no Yojimbo

This is a remake of Yojimbo set in modern times. It was pilgham's choice but I have been drawn into it. We only have two espisodes left.


Dr. Tenma saved the life a little boy only to discover 10 years later that the boy is a serial killing sociopath. Tenma feels he must remedy his error.

Monster takes place in modern day Germany and, other than Johan's magical ability to manipulate others, it seems to take place in our world, a world with racial supremacists, Turkish emigrants and psychological abuse. Some episodes are so-so, others are gripping. I hope pilgham chimes in on this one because I'm not doing it justice.

All except Monster are available from Netflix.

Edit 2/20:bibliofile added a link to an awesome review with pics that describes The Calamari Wrestler so much better than I can. On the other hand, my BIL, who I gave a copy to was not so sent:

If it's a spoof of something, it's very well done, but it would help if I could figure out what it's spoofing. There hasn't been a huge flood of seafood-related martial-arts movies with romantic undercurrents involving squid. Everybody plays it very straight, and all are careful not to notice the rather obvious pair of human legs (with lace-up high-top boots) mixed in with all the other calamari-type appendages, so they apparently live in some alternate universe that doesn't have a whole lot of Long John Silver's restaurants.

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The Calamari Wrestler sounds like a hoot. Will have to check to see if they have it around here. The only new movie I've seen lately was (non-anime) Lord of War. It was chilling.

The Calamari Wrestler is also live action, though Japanese. That just adds to its appeal.

A live-action squid? Sounds pretty strange, but better somehow.

Wasn't it reviewed in this week's Onion? Or else I saw pics on my F-list somewhere.

Not sure, have to consult Ouatic on that one.What's the Onion?

Sarcastic weekly paper with real content in the "A.V. Club" section, found at www.theonion.com--with paper versions available in a few cities around the country.

Sample of last week's include a story about the archive for all of the comment cards ever filled out at Denny's, "Senate Ethics Committee To Meet In New Ethics Committee Mansion," and "Study: Dolphins Not So Intelligent On Land."

I was trying to make out the script from the 1959 Denny's comment card - something like 'could smile more'. I also liked the article about Bush hiding report card in his sock drawer. Funny thanks.

That guy, badnoodles said it so much better than I but its the screen caps that really get across the awesomeness of this movie.

The squid-suit guy on the exercise machine was de best.

Live action? All I can think of is rubber tentacles from stage left. Or is there no such thing as a society for the prevention of cruelty to squid?

Someone else on bibliofile's f-list posted screencaps. I added the link up top. You really need to see them.

O-o-o-kay! That was lovely. I'm glad the captions were there as I thought Mr. Squid was doing the vacuuming in that last still. My mistake.

I don't know if I would buy the movie, but I wouldn't object to it in a Christmas stocking as a stuffer. It's got to be better the vomitous version of Astrix and Cleopatra I recieved last year. It was a musical, poorly translated into English and drawn by someone who had clearly never seen Astrix before even though is was a Belgian production for cripes sake. Just thinking about that thing makes my toes curl.

I've been wanting to see the live action Asterix movies.

Reviews have been mixed I hear.

We used to have a cartoon tape of Asterix in Britain that was just perfect. That has since died and poor Daughter #1 was hoping for more of the same when she bought last year's offering.

Well, one thing I enjoy about Kaze no Yojimbo and Monster (and Read or Die the TV, that we watched a while ago) (and gosh, Samurai Champloo and Paranoia Agent) is that they (and Shopping Arcade Abenobashi in some episodes) all have a very detailed down to earth look to them. I think it's because it's Japan (except for Monster), I'm seeing all new things although they might be boring to Japanese audiences. God help us we even sat through Cardcaptor Sakura!

You did? Were you stuck in the couch springs?

We'd save CCS for last every night. After deatch and dismemberment we would wind down watching th eshow with no bad guys.

Himself and I do share interests, but not in that way.