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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
WTF is Socio-Economic Development?

We got a billet-doux from MD's school. They are having a speaker in 'to talk with parents about "Nurturing the Socio-Economic Development of Your Gifted Child".' To me, it sounds like a talk on social climbing.

Edit: I'm a bad mother. Well, you all knew that already, right?

Last night, MD says, "Mama?"

I say, "MD?" and turn to look at her.

"Will you do my hair?"

She was wearing her concert dress. "Do you have a concert tonight?"

"Uh, yeah!" and adds eye roll for emphasis. Fortunately, her Dad is also bad. He didn't know either.

Mood: bitchyCynical

Ooh! Ooh! I've got the perfect t-shirt for you to wear to the talk!

I like the shirt but not your insinuation!

...my insinuation that you'll be attending? How can you pass up an opportunity to yell things like "Stop feeding us your bourgeois propaganda!" and "Death to capitalism! Long live the revolution!" C'mon, it'll be a blast! *goads*

It does sound fun, except of course that I am totally bourgeois and MD would never forgive me.

Her English teacher has them reading essays pro traditional gender roles and conferences are coming up. I said I would bring it up at the conference but for some reason she doesn't want to be known as the girl with troublemaking parents; she just wants to vent about it at home.

You get further with a kind word and a gun than with a kind word alone -- Al Capone (supposedly)

hey! she gave you plenty of notice. she could have waited until 5 secs before the concert starts to tell you.
(As you can tell, i am in the same boat as you are)

We actually have a list of the dates seomwhere, probably on the fridge. I just never look at the thing. I do know she is going to Champign the weekend after this, though.

But yeah, for other things, she tells us at the last minute.

Guess I need to smack her around a bit more than I have been. THat'll learn her.

Don't tell me. You not only didn't do the hair, but stuffed an old, ratty, wig on her that you used to use for comic operetta pieces in your younger days. Nasty, just plain nasty. For shame.

At one time, it had been a really nice wig. Truly. BUt later Boo became amorous with it and it's never been the same since.

::Sniggers helplessly:: Mums had a partial wig in the 70's. I seem to remember it was called a fall. But really all it was, was a patch of false hair to cover up for when her teased bouffant went flat.

I remember falls but the women I knew, my mother and I, did not wear such things glorying as we do (did in my mother's case) in manes of magnificently thick hair.

Mum's was always kinda whispy. I have what seems to be a lot of hair. Well, it is a lot of hair, but it weighs nothing and is just really a ton of fluff. Like my brain.

*purrs* Amorous - I like that in a cat.

*rrrrowww* I like that you like that...

And I'm 'safe'.

-- B

Well I'm a bad LJ friend because I didn't realize that MD did concerts. Tell me more.

MD plays the violin. During the summer she fiddles with her old teacher and during the school year she plays in the orchestra. We are very bad parents who don't even attend the orchestra gigs which this was. We just fetch and carry.


That's terrific, the violin is lovely. As for fetch/carry, don't knock it. It's still work.