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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Travel Diary: Nashua, NH

I got back at 8ish last night. I'll be getting around the you all's LJs soon but first I have to post ...

Monday, 6:10 AM
Showered, dressed and hair braided as good as it's going to get but breakfast won't be until 7:30. I'm subsisting on the remains of a bag of Reeses Pieces and a Diet Coke.

Yesterday went mostly as planned except however, V and I registered at the hotel together because we thought we were rooming together. No. Everyone in our group got a single. Woo Hoo! The surmise is that not enough locals decided to stay over and our group wasn't able to make the room minimum without splitting us up. Whatever. I like V but I prefer solitude and she seemed o feel the same way.

Now I should work on my demon smut but instead I'm going to read Terry Pratchett and play sudoku.

Tuesday, 6:35 AM

Not quite ready for the day, still need to braid my hair but they claim breakfast isn't until 8. I'm heading down sooner, though, with hope in my heart or stomache or somewhere.

Every year my boss, R, gets us company shirts. Last year, we wanted tigers on them because R's boss called us his "tiger team". We got them even though R had to 1) go to marketing a get a graphic artist to come up with a design incorporating a tiger into the logo and 2) get the design approved by legal. This year we wanted Hawaiian shirts. R had to go to an approved vendor rather than the Hawaiian shirt specialist we had suggested so, as Hawaiian shirts go, I've seen nicer but they are still quite handsome. Yesterday was Hawaiian shirt day. We all wore them so we could have our picture taken with our team and the lucky corporate few who received a shirt. We were a sensation. Our yellow shirts did not blend with the earth tones others were wearing so we really stood out. We were constantly asked "Where are you from?" and "How can I get one?" (I'll post the picture next week.)

I slept through something like 4 hours of Power Points. Not as restful as you might think.

Wednesday, 6:27

Makin' coffee flavored tea in the room's pot. Ugh!

Stayed awake, mostly, yesterday because the sessions were thin on the Power Points. Found out I have been a bad pod leader. Resolved to do better but probably won't because it will require personal interaction and I'm basically lazy.

Our porject lead, L, asked me if we were going to wear our Hawaiian shirts again today. J got asked the same thing. They liked being able to pick us out in the crowd.

Last night was Awards Night. I didn't get one. Neither did V who I had nominated. At the reception beforehand, the CEO came around and schmoozed J, V, and I which was cool even though one of our corporate team members tried to cut in on our action.

Thursday, 5:48 AM

I managed to stay awake through every presentation yesterday. Yay!

To close the conference, they hired a motivational speaker dude, Joel Zeff.His message was pretty basic and got a bit tedious after a while, "Appreciate your team"; "You're all in this together"; "Offer opportunity." Not that I disagree with any of that. However, he was illustrating these points with improvisational comedy bits. Think "Who's Line" as performed by engineers, some of whom have English as a second language. Zeff crossed the line when he made fun of one guy's name but the audience put him straight on that. In any case, he had me in tears and I figure two hours in which I got to see the VP of Engineering, a draftee, mimic a female kangaroo are two hours well spent.

We went to an Italian restaurant for dinner and reveled in taking our time and not queuing for food.

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Sounds like a pleasant time you had. Except for the part about the coffee-flavored tea. Ick. I will be looking forward to the Hawaiian shirt picture.

But you deserve a mild slap on the wrist for not working on your demon porn. Sudoku, humph. To be a great porn writer you must practice discipline!

I don't know. THat might be too kinky for me.

That sounds like the entire thing would destroy all my courtesy points and I would be forced to resort to upgrading my room to one with a fridge.

We are only taking baby steps into the madness which is sudukou and may never actually complete a problem. This is OK, we waste our time quite effectively around here as it is and (embarrassingly) often end with a tiny shadow audience listening in on family banter.

I do not do company-sponsored events if I have any way of getting out of it as they are the root of much evil.

I didn't do sudoku until I got it on my Palm. There is too much boring paperwork. I just like the logic side and the Palm handles the boring crap.

I have another post about a lesser "company sponsored" event that did no go as planned. It will probably be with the Hawaiian shirt picture.

I love Terry Pratchet. Have you read "Masquerade?"

Here's where I get to be all patronizing and stuff...

Why, young lady, I was reading Terry Pratchett before you were born, when he was still a bit crappy.

However, I didn't make it through Masquerade. It was too creepy.

I've read most of them, though, and my spouse buys the audio versions and puts them on his jukebox so we listen to them in the car on long trips.

LOL! I really enjoyed Masquerade, but I don't think I've read any of his real old stuff. The audio tapes sound interesting...

I just followed that Zoel Jeff link,( No! I refuse to say it right! )and I am afraid to go to bed now.

The them of the conference was "Mission 11/1".

JZ said, "I saw the graphic with the base camp and summit marked 11/1. I don't know what that is but go for it." I liked that he didn't pretend to know all about our stuff. We've had speakers who did pretend.

Or are you talking about the hideous yellow shirt and gold tie? That's what he wore at our do, as well.

His web site struck me as dynamic and honest in an in-your-face self-promoting kind of way. Sort of like this http://www.tr-i.com/flash.html from dear old Todd Rundgern. Except Todd's some sort of a genius and does his own hack-work.

Todd Rundgren and Utopia is the only live rock concert I've seen, back when I was like 16. Loathed it. Way too loud and way too many annoying people. Only good thing about it is my then boyfriend broke up with me for someone sluttier.

It was 1976 so I would have been 15.

Never saw him in concert. He is the only recording artist I know of that you could take up the beat of one song (on an LP of course) keep it up through the interval and the next song would come in on the beat. Now that's obsessive.

In 1976 I would have been 13.

Living boys had not really crossed my radar yet, but I did get to see the Bicentennial fireworks at the Washington monument. Ah the sweet smell of pot floating on the air and S.W.A.T. teams on the roofs galore. The reports really echoed.

Living boys had already crossed my radar when I was in kindergarten.

NOTE: This doesn't mean I had necessarily crossed the boys' radar.

Huh, well, when you put it that way...I meant I had no interest in dating, only semi-tragic love, secretly ruling the world or being an alien/international spy. Just like any other kid.

Well, sure. Who wouldn't want to be an evil genius of some nature? It's just my visions included using men and discarding them like soiled tissues.

Tragic love, of any kind, unless it was some fellow who was mad for me but I could not return his passion, never interested me.

No discarding love partners as in the manner one would as used tissues. Heavens! Not in my operating framework. Mother would kill me! (you do not know her ways).

Committing solipsisim? Yeah, well...

I'm sure my mother would have been in total agreement.

On the other hand, she tolerated my living in sin very well but it was with the guy I had been dating for three years.

Not even sin...We were separated by no less than three floors of house until the marriage.

I kept thinking he'd have a quote somewhere saying 'zeig hail'

If you paid him, I'm sure he would.

He was making a suspicious hand signal on the home page. *sigh* My jokes are not funny.

::Sigh:: Timing, Nelson, timing. He may have well been making 'Gimme' hand gestures. In fact, without looking back at his homepage, I believe you!