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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Mrs. Hugurashi Has Big News: Big News

Big News
By Ouatic-7 (ff . net)
AKA Okaasan-7 (mm . org)

"Kagome, dear, we wanted you and Inuyasha to be the first to know -"

"What's that bastard doing here?" growled Inuyasha.

"- we're getting married," said the radiant, soon to be former Mrs. Higurashi.

Inuyasha continued to growl.

"This seems so sudden," said Kagome.

Mrs. Higurashi gave a flirty sidelong glance at her intended, "It can't be soon enough for me."

'Ewww! Old people sex,' thought the younger couple.

"Nor I, my sweet." Allowing the tiniest smirk to twist his perfect lips, Sesshoumaru added, "Inuyasha, you can call me Dad."

Next: In the Kitchen with Kagome and Mrs. Higurashi

Author's Notes:
I don't think Sess really wants Inuyasha to call him Dad. Mrs. Higurashi wants him to say that and he knows it will annoy the heck out of Inuyasha. I also think "My sweet" is way OOC.

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